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Last updated March 08, 2012 08:46, by suvendu.ray

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler 11g Samples

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler is primarily a Java EE application that provides time and schedule based callbacks to other applications to run their jobs. Oracle Enterprise Scheduler compares with the Calendar application you might use in your phone or the Oracle Calendar, where you create events and meetings with details about time and recurrence; the application sends an alarm or notification at the right time for the particular event. Similarly, Oracle Enterprise Scheduler applications define jobs and specify when those jobs need to be executed, and Oracle Enterprise Scheduler gives these applications a callback when that time or when a particular event arrives. This is a simplified model of how a particular application can interact with an instance of Oracle Enterprise Scheduler. Oracle Enterprise Scheduler does not execute the jobs itself, it gives a callback to the application and the application actually executes the job request. This implies that Oracle Enterprise Scheduler is not aware of the details of the job request, all the job request details are owned and consumed by the application. An application that submits requests to run a job is called a client application.

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler provides the ability to run different job types, including: Java, PL/SQL, and binary scripts, distributed across the nodes in an Oracle WebLogic Server cluster. Oracle Enterprise Scheduler runs these jobs securely, with high availability and scalability, with load balancing and provides monitoring and management through the Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler provides scheduling services for the following purposes:

  • To distribute job request processing across a grid of application servers,
  • To run Java, PL/SQL and binary process jobs,
  • To group job requests into job sets,
  • To schedule job requests based on recurrence expressions,
  • To administer job requests with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler provides the critical requirements in a service-oriented environment to automate processes that must recur on a scheduled basis and to defer heavy processing to specific time windows. Oracle Enterprise Scheduler lets you:

  • Support sophisticated scheduling and workload management,
  • Automate the running of administrative jobs,
  • Schedule the creation and distribution of reports.

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler provides features to manage the complete life cycle of a job definition: development, distribution, scheduling, and monitoring. Using Oracle JDeveloper, application developers can easily create job definitions and implementations in their development environment. Application administrators and other users can specify when and where they want their job requests to run. Users and administrators can monitor how the job ran and access the end results of those jobs.

Customers that implement large systems typically have to manage a large number of diverse machines to handle the workload of their users. Oracle Enterprise Scheduler provides the ability to control how work is distributed to individual machines or groups of machines.

For development purposes, both Oracle Enterprise Scheduler and the Oracle Enterprise Scheduler client applications are deployed on the same Oracle WebLogic Server. Except for enterprise manager for the administrator, Oracle Enterprise Scheduler does not provide a direct interface for the end user. The end user interacts with the client application which decides what the interface should be and how it is experienced; the client application interacts with Oracle Enterprise Scheduler to setup a job request and to specify when the job request is scheduled to be executed, and eventually gets a callback from Oracle Enterprise Scheduler when the time or event arrives.

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler is currently used in Fusion Applications only. It is not installed by the SOA installer nor is it integrated with SOA.

A few sample client applications are provided below to help job developers to understand and develop jobs to run with Oracle Enterprise Scheduler.

Sample Description
DemoApp 1A sample client application with Java, PL/SQL and binary process jobs.
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