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summary: Updated from wiki
revision: 668
author: hani
date: 2004-05-26 03:30:03 UTC (11 years)
message: Updated from wiki
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M trunk/docs/1. Getting Started.html
A trunk/docs/1. Your first workflow.html
M trunk/docs/1.1 Introduction.html
M trunk/docs/1.2 Requirements.html
M trunk/docs/1.3 Running the Example App.html
M trunk/docs/1.4 Persistence Options.html
M trunk/docs/1.5 Loading Workflow Definitions.html
M trunk/docs/2. Integration with Other Modules.html
A trunk/docs/2. Testing your workflow.html
A trunk/docs/3. Further descriptor concepts.html
M trunk/docs/3. Understanding OSWorkflow.html
M trunk/docs/3.1 Workflow Definition.html
M trunk/docs/3.2 Workflow Concepts.html
M trunk/docs/3.3 Common and Global Actions.html
M trunk/docs/3.4 Functions.html
M trunk/docs/3.4.1 Java-based Functions.html
M trunk/docs/3.4.2 BeanShell Functions.html
M trunk/docs/3.4.3 BSF Functions.html
M trunk/docs/3.4.4 Utility Functions.html
M trunk/docs/3.5 Validators.html
M trunk/docs/3.6 Registers.html
M trunk/docs/3.7 Conditions.html
M trunk/docs/3.8 SOAP Support.html
M trunk/docs/4. GUI Designer.html
M trunk/docs/4.1 Designer Installation.html
M trunk/docs/4.2 Quick Start Guide.html
M trunk/docs/4.3 Workspaces.html
M trunk/docs/4.4 Palettes.html
M trunk/docs/5. Using the API.html
M trunk/docs/5.1 Interface choices.html
M trunk/docs/5.2 Creating a new workflow.html
M trunk/docs/5.3 Executing actions.html
M trunk/docs/5.4 Queries.html
M trunk/docs/5.5 Implicit vs Explicit Configuration.html
M trunk/docs/6. Appendices.html
M trunk/docs/Compiling from CVS.html
M trunk/docs/JDBCWorkflowFactory.html
M trunk/docs/Manual.html
M trunk/docs/Migrating from version 1.0.html
M trunk/docs/Migrating from version 2.1.html
M trunk/docs/Migrating from version 2.5.html
M trunk/docs/Migrating from version 2.6.html
M trunk/docs/Trigger functions.html
A trunk/docs/Tutorial.html
M trunk/docs/designer/navpanel.jsp
M trunk/docs/navpanel.jsp
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