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Revision: 938

Fix for the issue PORTLET_CONTAINER-221
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FilenameAuthorRevisionModifiedLog Entry
dgothe 649 over 7 years ago Tagged for Portal 7.2 RR
httpd 1 about 9 years ago Set up initial layout.
dgothe 819 over 6 years ago Portlet Container that went into...
t_rajesh 716 about 7 years ago Lifray WSRP Consumer merge point
dgothe 281 over 8 years ago Milestone 1 of Portlet Container...
dgothe 183 almost 9 years ago Tagging the milestone 1 preview ...
dgothe 662 over 7 years ago Tag for portlet container 2.0 re...
dgothe 528 almost 8 years ago Tag for portlet container beta 2...
dgothe 464 about 8 years ago Completed draft19 related change...
dgothe 619 over 7 years ago Tagging B15 for PS 7.2 project
t_rajesh 563 over 7 years ago Tag for WSRP v2 milestone2
manishkg 596 over 7 years ago Recreating wsrp v2 milestone 3 t...
t_rajesh 629 over 7 years ago Tagging WSRP v2 milestone 4 drop
This is the /tags directory of the `portlet-container' Subversion repository.

Subdirectories of this directory are stable snapshots; they may be
named copies of particular trunk revisions, or they may be assembled
from various revisions.  Either way, a tag is generally not changed
after it is created; if it is changing, consider putting it in
/branches instead.

When a tag is no longer needed, it may be deleted.
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