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Povray Writer for Processing Project Members

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Tony Smith
(Member Since 2015)
Observer Ajax4jsf, Appframework, Continuous Integration for Oracle, Cosmo, Cross-browser/platform Web2/3.0 solution, Custom worklist for Oracle BPM, Eclipse-portalpack, FCalculator, Gen-incubator, Glassfish MBean Annotation Library, Help for Service, JAXB2 Maven Plugin, JCP Executive Committee, JSR 355 (JCP EC Merge), JSR 361 (Java ME Embedded Profile), JSR364, JCP.Next.4, Jai, Jai-imageio-core, Java API for Social Media, Java Application Bundler, Java Open Enterprise Service Bus bui ..., Java-champions, Java-net, JavaFX, Jsr144-public, Jtouchtoolkit, Jxta-guide, Looks, MapViewer component for swing and javafx, Maven Social Media Plugin, Minion, NOTE: JavaCC is now at, Nb-dreamteam, OSCache, Oracle BPM Suite 12c, Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP), Oracle SOA Suite 12c, Pdf-renderer, Povray Writer for Processing, Rome, SVG Salamander, Sample App for the JDeveloper 11g Book, Sc-android, Simple Tray Notify, StAX utility classes, Substance-swingx, Sumo Robots, TDA - Thread Dump Analyzer, The Standard Implementation for JAX-RPC, The Standard Implementation for JAXB, The cajo project, Thejavafinch, ThreadLogic, cldownloads, jsonp css, java, javascript, html, html5, php, python, nodejs, jquery
(Member Since 2013)
Observer Antmod, Autot, CSVMonster, Daim, Deferred evaluation,enhanced expressions, Dotnet2java, Edu-educator, JaSCUT: Java Source Code Update Tool, Java User Group Bhubaneswar, JavaFX, Jbackup, Jmxdb, Jregress, Jsr321, Jutils, Loc-counter, Lwuit-incubator, Moroccojug, Nbopenlaszlosupport, Nlink, Okcjug, Openmali, Packer, Panelbuilder, Povray Writer for Processing, Serenade, Ssma, Web Application Description Language ..., Xhtmltranscoder
(Member Since 2011)
Administrator Povray Writer for Processing processing, ruby-processing,, lsystems
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