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Last updated October 10, 2014 17:44, by monkstone

The development version only supports Processing-2.0

This project has at least two purposes:-

  1. To explore the suitability of for hosting processing 'library projects'
  2. To make available a tool I've been developing that allows the export of processing sketches to the Povray format, by using a template.pov input to create quite a flexible library.

Here is link to my blog, where I introduce my library. Tested with Processing-2.0b8 release works on Linux .

NB: You can still download version that supports processing-1.5.1.

Dependencies: Working povray (preferably version 3.7.0) For sketches using toxiclibs you should try my povmesh library which can export toxiclibs mesh to PovRAY mesh2 objects.

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