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Last updated September 02, 2011 20:29, by Guy Steele

News Archive

News: May 2011

  • The compiler now handles try expressions and throw expressions, thus allowing use of the library functions fail and assert and deny. Correct runtime dispatch of catch clauses is still in progress.

News: April 2011

  • Recent work in the bytecode optimizer improved compiled-code performance on the test benchmark to about 4x Java timings (your mileage will vary).
  • The compiler generates Fortress-specific run-time type information. Its first client will be dispatch of overloaded functions that include generics.
  • Library work is proceeding; the static checker is finding bugs in the library, and vice-versa.
  • Covariant types are on the radar; they are necessary for the "right" implementation of the numeric hierarchy.

News: March 2011

Mar 8, 2011: The website, mailing lists, and svn server may be intermittently inaccessible in the next two weeks, because of preparations for machine moves, and actual machine moves.


May 12, 2010: Sun Labs is now part of Oracle. The Fortress project continues as before, and we are now finding time again to blog. See David Chase's latest post, Guy Steele's latest post, and Scott Kilpatrick's latest post.


October 23, 2009: We have started a blog. We hope to post interesting items at least once a week.

June 26, 2009: We have put up a web server that takes a Fortress source file and produces a pdf file: fortifier. Consider this tool "beta" quality stuff. It's useful for quickly getting ahold of rendered versions of whole Fortress source files. For more sophisticated tasks, fortify, fortick, etc., are the way to go.

June 1, 2009: We are interested in seeing the Lonestar benchmark suite written in Fortress. If you'd like to try your hand at writing an interesting Fortress program, please let us know. We're hoping to use these to help guide our future performance work with the Fortress compiler.

May 9, 2009: We recently ran a tutorial at MIT and have placed slides and exercises on the course Wiki page. A quick Fortress reference card is now available. A tutorial attendee posted in the Cilk Arts blog.

January 30, 2009: Fortress now requires Java 1.6. This requires configuring Mac OS X to use 1.6 and when building from source you should set up .antrc.


December 12, 2008: Fortress now has Streams, which are used for standard output, error output, and file output. Fortress programs no longer share the interpreter's `System.out`. /Projects/Community/wiki/StringRestructuring More information ...]

November 12, 2008: The default getter for converting an object to a String is now asString, not toString. More information ...

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