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Here are links to video presentations that contain some discussion of the Fortress language or use Fortress programs as expository examples.


How to Think about Parallel Programming: Not!
(Guy Steele, October 2010, running time 1:09:36)
A popular presentation of divide-and-conquer programming strategy, with examples of Fortress code. The first half of this talk is not about Fortress at all, but about the old days of programming with assembly language (or worse) on punch cards, and the second half has some overlap with the talk "Organizing Functional Code..."; the message is that programming style has changed a lot in the last 40 years, and there are reason to believe that further radical changes are soon to come because of the desperate need to use parallelism easily and effectively. Watch this for a sense of history as well as a few laughs. Given at the 2010 Strange Loop Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.
Project Fortress Compiler Implementation Status
(Christine Flood, July 2010, running time 20:38)
Given at the 2010 JVM Language Summit in Santa Clara, California.
Organizing Functional Code for Parallel Execution; or, foldl and foldr Considered Slightly Harmful
(Guy Steele, August 2009, running time 1:05:34)
An academic presentation of the ideas behind Fortress generators and reducers, which are the means for processing aggregate collections in parallel. This talk assumes the listener has some familiarity with Lisp and/or functional programming. Watch this if you want a serious academic analysis of divide-and-conquer techniques. Given at the 2009 International Conference on Functional Programming in Edinburgh, Scotland.
The Soul of a New Programming Language
(Guy Steele, October 2006, running time 1:04:14)
An overview of the Fortress programming language, discussing language features and design rationale. The three major design principles are pervasive but easy-to-use parallelism, mathematical syntax, and language extensibility. Given at the 2006 JAOO Conference in Aarhus, Denmark.
Growing a Language
(Guy Steele, October 1998, running time 53:30)
This talk predated the Fortress project by five years. The talk makes a case for the importance of language "growability", that is, features in the language that allow ordinary users to extend the language powerfully and gracefully. Fortress attempts to put this principle into practice. Given at the 1998 OOPSLA Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.
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