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0.5 -> 0.6
- Deterministic execution support:
    - Allow to set the seed of the random number generator with java
    - Allow to get and seed the set of the random number generator (class RandomConfiguration)
    - Added junit rule to log the seed used by quickcheck (SeedInfo)
    - removed support for serialization of generated objects (logging and restoring the seed is much simpler)
    - removed Junit 3 und Junit 4 support (@ForAll annotation and runner) replaced by inner class or Iterable adapter APIs
- CombinedGenerator added generators:
    - simple map generator maps(Generator<K> keys, Generator<V> values)
    - subset generator sets(Set<T>)
    - submap generator maps(Map<K, V>) 
    - unique generator using a Comparator<T> to decide if two values are considered equivalent: uniqueValues(Generator<T>, Comparator<? super T>)
    - excluding generator based on a collection of input and a collection of excluded values: excludeValues(Collection<T> values, Collection<T> excluded
    - content generator type parameter are now co-variant for lists, iterators, sets and object arrays to allow creation of super type container generators (like Generator<List<Object>> = lists(integers()))
- PrimitiveGenerator added generators:
    - generator for java.lang.Object instances


0.4 -> 0.5
- generated source code for @Iterables and @Samples annotations on generator factories
- added an adapter from Generator to Iterable (toIterable)
- added pojo generator for interfaces (ObjectGenerator interface)
- implemented excluding generator
- added Generators.cast utility method (Generator<String> can now be casted to Generator<Object>)
- removed setter from Runner interface (runner configuration cannot be changed after it was created)
- move build to maven

0.3 -> 0.4
- annotation-based characteristic definition for junit4 (references generator class, generator method in test class, or static generator method) 
- CombinedGenerator added generators:
	- int[]
	- set
	- sortedLists
	- non-empty list
 	- lists(Generator<T> integers, int lo)
 	- lists(Generator<T> integers, int lo, int high)
- PrimitiveGenerator added generators:
 	- dates(TimeUnit precision)  
 	- dates(long low, long high)
 	- strings(maxSize)
 	- integers(int low)
 	- positive integer
 	- positive long generator

0.2 -> 0.3

- failed test instance serialization feature (QuickCheck.SERIALIZE (collect) or QuickCheck.DESERIALIZE (rerun) system properties)
- support for failed instances that cannot be serialized (print toString value if run in deserialize mode)
- first draft of annotation-based characteristics (for junit 3)
- added system property for number of runs (QuickCheck.RUNS)
- Characteristic.specify and AbstractCharacteristic.doSpecify can now throw Throwables
- added CloningGenerator and PrimitiveGenerator.clonedValues(T prototype)
- added CombinedGenerator.arrays()
- added CombinedGenerators.lists(Generator<T> content, Generator<Integer> size)
- added PrimitiveGenerators.bytes()
- added (primitive value generator) and CombinedGenerator.byteArrays()
- added PrimitiveGenerators.strings(String allowedCharacters) and PrimitiveGenerators.strings(String allowedCharacters, int min, int max)
- added VetoableGenerator
- added AbstractTreeGenerator
- added MutationGenerator
- added CloningMutationGenerator

0.1 -> 0.2

- new PrimitiveGenerators.printableStrings method (latin-1 and latin-1 supplement characters)
- renamed JunitProperty to Property
- renamed to Property.specify
- initalize array generator with an array of allowed characters
- added AbstractTransformerGenerator
- added PrimitiveGenerators.dates()
- added PrimitiveGenerators.fixedValue() factory and PrimitiveGenerators.fixedValues(T...)
- added PrimitiveGenerators.strings(int loLength, int hiLength) 
- added PrimitiveGenerators.letterStrings(int loLength, int hiLength) 
- added PrimitiveGenerators.strings(Generator<Character>... characterGenerators)
- moved pair to package
- made GuardException package private
- removed getClassification method from Property interface
- moved Classification into quickcheck.characteristic package
- renamed to pair.first and pair.second
- added quickcheck/collection/
- renamed to
- removed constructor FrequencyGenerator(Frequency<T>[] pairs) 
- replaced oneOf(final Generator<T>... generators) : Generator<T> with oneOf(final Generator<T> generator) : FrequencyGenerator<T>
- replaced CombinedGenerators.frequency(Generator<T>[] generator...) method with freqency(final Generator<T> generator, int weight) : FrequencyGenerator<T>
- created interface StringGenerator
- created FrequencyGenerator interface
- added parameter for the characteristic violated in CharacteristicException
- added parameter for the generator which failed to create a new instance (GeneratorException) 
- removed SimpleBoundedGenerator and BoundedGenerator interfaces
- introduced ensured values generator
- changed length generation to uniform generator
- added strings(Generator<Integer> lengthGenerator, Generator<Character> characterGenerator) method in PrimitiveGenerators
- added enum generator
- added unique values generator decorator
- introduced distiction between stateful and stateless generators
- javadoc added
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