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//maybe next release
- check if round robin generator is needed (was part of junit support)
- make shrink implementation possible
- rethink Distribution implementation based on double 
	(additional long methods could be useful to circumvent long-double-precision problems
	and support heuristic based long/integer generators)
- rethink dependencies/packeting (mainly of generators)
- clean Characteristic interface
- clean Classification

//even later release
- class generator for bean classes
- distribution functions with error heuristics (like MIN, -1, 0, +1, MAX distribution function)
- VetoableGenerator + Predicate ?, TranformingGenerator with Transformer
- delegate(class...) to remove x static imports for generators, iterables and samples
- atLeast(ensured, min, gen, min, max)
- sorted generator (array)
- contracts module (equals & hashcode)
- start hudson from build
- CombinedGenerators.iterators() (rewrite list, set, array)
- MutationGenerator + Transformer ? (clean up generator package)
- add Distribution.NORMAL_DISTRIBUTION
- tuple(Generator<?> input...) generates Object[]
- visualization of classification data (charts for classifications data)
- map (use Generators.unique(Generator<T>))
- concurrent generation of test data instances (for >1 CPUs environments)
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