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    File      extended ReverseXSL software bundle for MS-Windows platforms

    contains samples with demo scripts and complete documentation in addition to the core software itself.
    Tags: reverse xsl xslt samples documentation jar command scripts
    about 5 years ago 1 MB 325
    File      Extended reverseXSL software bundle for UNIX_LINUX

    Contains samples with demo shell scripts and complete documentation in addition to the software itself
    Tags: reverse xsl xslt tar gzip unix linux scripts demo documentation
    about 5 years ago 942.2 KB 106
    File      Reverse XSL - main documentation

    Provides an introduction on how to install and use the software from its various API's, and where to find reference documentation about every detail.
    Tags: reverse xsl xslt api transformer def command line interface
    about 5 years ago 265.9 KB 268
    File      ReverseXSL message syntax DEFinition

    Describes the DEF language for parsing arbitrary nested/repeated syntaxical structures with the help of regex specialized in matching, cutting, extracting or validating data pieces.
    Tags: def syntax reverse xsl xslt xml tags elements segments groups regex parser
    about 5 years ago 589.6 KB 322
    File      ReverseXSL software as java archive

    This is the software, compiled as a standard java .jar file. Please consult the main documentation for a description of the jar contents.
    Tags: jar archive reverse xsl xslt parser transformer
    about 5 years ago 660.1 KB 205
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