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Last updated March 31, 2011 02:10, by Magno A. Cavalcante

RioJUG - Rio Java Uers Group

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  • Our JUG exists to facilitate the exchange of information about Java platform and spread it at Rio de Janeiro.
  • Meetings with the physical presence of group members and guests, for workshops and roundtables with a healthy chat about technology, its past and future.

JUG Objectives:

  1. Promote the Java technology among enterprises, universities and professional associations related to information technology in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
  2. Discuss strategic and technical issues related to Java technology.
  3. Promote events and meetings around Java.
  4. Maintain edifying communication with other JUGs in Brazil and in the World.
  5. Assist in creating other JUGs within the limits of our ability.
  6. Become a regional referral center for businesses and professionals with regard to Java technology.
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