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Last updated March 31, 2011 02:10, by Magno A. Cavalcante
=RioJUG - Rio Java Uers Group= (this is our wiki page running at <br /><br /> ===Description:=== * Our JUG exists to facilitate the exchange of information about Java platform and spread it at Rio de Janeiro. * Meetings with the physical presence of group members and guests, for workshops and roundtables with a healthy chat about technology, its past and future. <br /> ===JUG Objectives:=== # Promote the Java technology among enterprises, universities and professional associations related to information technology in the state of Rio de Janeiro. # Discuss strategic and technical issues related to Java technology. # Promote events and meetings around Java. # Maintain edifying communication with other JUGs in Brazil and in the World. # Assist in creating other JUGs within the limits of our ability. # Become a regional referral center for businesses and professionals with regard to Java technology.
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