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[ANN] org.rometools:rome-certiorem:1.0-M1 available..

  • From: "Robert \"kebernet\" Cooper" <kebernet@...>
  • To: ROME DEV <dev@...>, romed <users@...>
  • Subject: [ANN] org.rometools:rome-certiorem:1.0-M1 available..
  • Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2011 20:09:10 -0500

The ROME project, after a seemingly interminable snooze, releases all new code. Certiorem is a toolkit for building a PubSubHubub implementation for your site. See the docs in the incubator at

Good support right now is limited to in-memory implementations, but at least two(!) prod-ish projects are using this as a messaging system. Hopefully M2 will include support for JPA and Filesystem persistence for guaranteed subscription delivery. And I hope after the new year to get ROME core into org.rometools with some better Java 6/7 support.

Many many thanks to Farrukh Najmi for picking up the ball and running with it on this project. I intended this to be my summer project and started it and left it at the infamous 80% done point (which is to say, it worked just enough for my needs, but was not complete). I

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[ANN] org.rometools:rome-certiorem:1.0-M1 available..

Robert "kebernet" Cooper 12/07/2011

Re: [ANN] org.rometools:rome-certiorem:1.0-M1 available..

Farrukh Najmi 12/07/2011
Please Confirm