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Struts2 REST Plugins Project Members

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(Member Since 2013)
Observer A simple Shoutcast player applet, A tools that helps documenting facel ..., A way display and jMaki widgets and ..., Animatedtransitions, AppFuse CSS, AppTale, Colombiajug, Com4j, Crypto, Db4o-spring, Electric Alliance, Electric: VLSI Design System, Eventbus, Extended StAX API, GUI console to help manage certifica ..., Gjar, Greasemonkey scripts for, Hickory, J3dfly, JAX-WS RI unit test, JUG-India, Jadc, Japex Micro-benchmark Framework, Jdtf, Jnswitchboard, Joodamp, Jsr-283, Kijaro, L2fprod, Laf-plugin, Live-scoreboard, Monoh, NetBeans Plugin for Scala, Netbeans plugin for AVR microcontrollers, Ol4jsf, Portlet-repository, Ppm, Puzzles, Robert Baumgartner Samples, Tips, Tricks, Royal-jelly, Sam, Servlet Implementation, Spot-eprotomega, Struts2 REST Plugins, Substance-samples, Travellog, Ulcjfreechart, Webvision, Wippog, Xmltest, ZeroEffort JDWP Analyzer, builder of the blueprint for program, ejb-gwt-prototype, java-developpez-com, jcp, jsonp, typed XML writer
(Member Since 2012)
Observer Struts2 REST Plugins
(Member Since 2016)
Observer A Java implementation of WS-Management, A collection of applications and val ..., Aljug, Android, Decomposing Fork-Join Framework, JavaSE, Fork-Join Framework for JavaSE, JAX-WS commons, Java API for controlling virtual com ..., Java Boot Camp, Java EE Samples, Java EE Tutorial Extras, Java Magazine, Java-champions, JavaMail API Reference Implementation, Jersey, NetBeans, OpenJDK7, SQLITE in Android, Shield4J - Java class Android protection, Struts2 REST Plugins, Timing Framework, Web Services Interoperability Technology, a REST based data services for data ...
Frans Thamura
(Member Since 2012)
Administrator BlueOxygen, BlueOxygen Aero, BlueOxygen Aliber, BlueOxygen Aroma, BlueOxygen Brigade, BlueOxygen Cimande, BlueOxygen Expresso, BlueOxygen Gandharva, BlueOxygen Genta, BlueOxygen Lotion, BlueOxygen Papaje, BlueOxygen Postila, BlueOxygen Ramen, BlueOxygen Saphire, BlueOxygen Turtle Desk, Java Users Groups (JUG) Community, Java-champions, Jedi, Jug-asia, Jug-indonesia, Meruvian, Meruvian Inca, Meruvian Midas, Meruvian Yama, Nurdoo, Struts2 REST Plugins fish
Dian Aditya
(Member Since 2012)
Administrator BlueOxygen Aliber, BlueOxygen Brigade, BlueOxygen Cimande, BlueOxygen Expresso, BlueOxygen Gandharva, BlueOxygen Postila, BlueOxygen Turtle Desk, Meruvian Midas, Meruvian Yama, Nurdoo, Struts2 REST Plugins struts, spring, jpa, hibernate, eclipse, blueoxygen, cimande, yama, meruvian, jtechnopreneur, android
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