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Last updated March 22, 2013 02:40, by Glynn Foster

SMF Dependency Graph Generator Wiki

scfdot - Generate a graphviz file of SMF services and dependencies

The Service Management Facility (SMF) is responsible for managing services and service start order in the Oracle Solaris operating system. Run "man smf" for more information. scfdot reads the service names and dependencies from the Service Configuration Facility (SCF) repository and writes a file which the dot program from the graphviz package can render into a graph.

Once graphviz is installed and dot and cc are on your path, you should be able to generate a PostScript file of the dependency graph on your system by running

 $ make

This will compile scfdot.c, execute it, and execute dot to produce $ If dot is not on your path, then modify Makefile to indicate how to invoke dot. If cc is not available, add a line to Makefile which sets CC to how to invoke your compiler.

To view the graph with gv, I recommend

  • The -noantialias option. Otherwise the black labels on the colored backgrounds look bad.
  • Adding a 1/100 zoom option to gv and using that for the initial view. Otherwise gv will ask your X server for a ton of memory, which can cause it to thrash. Add the option by putting
 GV.scales:     Natural size,   1.000,  screen  \n\
                        Pixel based,    1.000,  pixel   \n\
                        0.010,          0.010           \n\
                        0.100,          0.100           \n\
                        0.125,          0.125           \n\
                        0.250,          0.250           \n\
                        0.500,          0.500           \n\
                        0.707,          0.707           \n\
                        1.000,          1.000           \n\
                        1.414,          1.414           \n\
                        2.000,          2.000           \n\
                        4.000,          4.000           \n\
                        8.000,          8.000           \n\
                        10.00,          10.00

in ~/.gv . Make it the initial view by including "-scale -6" in the command line.

The Makefile also has options for changing the command line arguments to scfdot. See the comment at the top of scfdot.c for available options.

The files in this package are

  • README - This file.
  • AUTHORS - Author credits.
  • CDDL.LICENSE - License.
  • Makefile - Makefile for building scfdot, running it, running the scripts, and running dot to produce a PostScript file of the dependency graph.
  • scfdot.c - C program which generates dot files.
  • enlarge.awk - awk script which enlarges PostScript files. Used to make a legend for the graph.
  • setpage.awk - awk script which adds commands to a PostScript file which direct an HP DesignJet 800ps plotter to print the file in one continuous page.
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