limitation of VirtualMulticastSender

  • From: Miju Byon <miju0628@...>
  • To: <dev@...>
  • Subject: limitation of VirtualMulticastSender
  • Date: Thu, 05 Apr 2012 10:46:12 +0900


I'm trying to use VirtualMulticastSender, but it seems to have some limitations and a tiny bug.

1. If A member joins a group and  B member joins that group more than 10 sec later,  A cannot discover B and drops B from virtualPeerIdList. 
 A cannot broadcast messages to B any more even if B is alive in that group because VirtualMulticastSender removes unknown members from the list but it does not add new discovered members to the list.
It looks like that VirtualMulticastSender does not support dynamic "join" and "leave".

2. There is no way to combine multicast and virtual-multicast. 
If only a few members of all members in a group are on the different subnet from the others,  now I have to configure all members to use virtual-multicast.

3. I'm not sure what lastReportedSendFailure is for, but time calculation code below looks strange.
lastFail – currentTime and e.getValue() - System.currentTimeMillis()  are always negative.
Is it supposed to be  currentTime - lastFail and System.currentTimeMillis() -e.getValue()?

 protected boolean doBroadcast( final Message message ) throws IOException {
            } catch( IOException ie ) {
                Long lastFail = lastReportedSendFailure.get(peerID);
                long currentTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
                if (lastFail == null ||
                   ((lastFail - currentTime) > LAST_REPORTED_FAILURE_DURATION_MS) ) {
                    if( LOG.isLoggable( Level.FINE ) ) {
                        LOG.log( Level.FINE, "failed to send message to a virtual multicast endpoint[" + peerID +
                                            "] message=[" + message + "]", ie );
                    lastReportedSendFailure.put(peerID, currentTime);

    private void purge() {
         Iterator<Map.Entry<PeerID, Long>> iter = lastReportedSendFailure.entrySet().iterator();
         while (iter.hasNext()) {
             Map.Entry<PeerID, Long> e =;
             if (e.getValue() - System.currentTimeMillis() > LAST_REPORTED_FAILURE_DURATION_MS) {

Let me know if what I'm thinking is right or not and if shoal has a plan to improve or fix these issues.
Thanks in advance.


Miju Byon

Senior Developer

TmaxSoft Co., Ltd.


limitation of VirtualMulticastSender

Miju Byon 04/05/2012

Re: limitation of VirtualMulticastSender

Miju Byon 04/05/2012
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