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Last updated November 10, 2011 10:08, by Eugen Cojocaru

Sibiu JUG

"Research, Share, Evolve"

About us

JUG Sibiu is a group dedicated to Java and related technologies. Located in Sibiu city, Romania, this group provides Java users (professionals, Open Source Community, students, enthusiasts) the possibility to attend and create technology presentations, share resources and solutions, trainings in order to improve Java skills, increase networking, expand Java Technology expertise and social interaction. Group objectives will be accomplished through monthly meetings at entertaining locations, short seminars, and contact with software companies and Java related book publishers.


Sibiu JUG will use the related as a main website, host development projects, use the file sharing to provide downloads of presentations and other material and support JUG activities using JIRA Issue Tracking to track tasks that must be performed


Sibiu JUG group meetings are free and open to the public.

 Location: Lucian Blaga University, Faculty of Science - Str. Ion Raţiu No.5-7, Sibiu, 550012, Romania - Google Maps Location 

Meetings can contain technical presentations, product demonstrations, discussions about Java evolution, news etc

Check Meetings page.


The membership to the JUG community of Sibiu is not restricted in any way. Anyone may join on and become a member of the JUG Sibiu project. This will only change if the rules of common sense are seriously violated.

 In order to gain the title of "active member" one has to: 
 - create a account, join our project and subscribe to members mailing list (
 - participate at most* of the monthly meetings; 
 - have** presentations of its own; 
 - get involved in the organizational and logistical issues and help out with advice and action. 
 * "most of the meetings" does not refer to a number of meetings, but to the fact that the member should be a common presence at the seminars; 
 ** "have presentations" suggests that one should have the initiative to share something with the group, without locking on to a certain number. 

Join us

If you want to attend to our group discussions you can join the project Forum and Sibiu JUG Community Facebook


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