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Meeting Notes

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  • Subject: Meeting Notes
  • Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 16:16:35 +0530
  • Organization: Oracle Corporation

Attendees: Jean, Eric, Dan, Brian, Nitzan, Binod (Sorry, if I missed anyone).


- Reviewed the concurrency chapter. We decided that only the ManagedTaskListener.onAborted will be called if
  the session is invalid.
- The ready to invalidate state will be impacted by whether a task belonging to the application session is running or not.
- appsession.invalidate() will cause the Future.cancel to be invoked. The task that is executing will not be interrupted, just like ServletTimer.
- Examples contain typos. That need to be fixed.
- There was a question on whether ServletTimer need to be deprecated or not. Probably we will. We can take a decision on that later
  around public review.
- Spec need to clarify on the context where the ManagedTaskListener will be executed based on JSR 236.
- Binod will prepare a wiki that list all the current version of drafts, until a EDR candidate is prepared. We have a number of them now.
- IBM is having internal discussions on the B2B proposal. Will be presented later. We will also need to collaborate with Thrupoints
  work on B2B.
- Sip/websocket draft is updated.
- The usage of sipoutbound is not mandatory requirement for websocket. So, there should be a way for the initial requests created by
  the application to be associated with a websocket connection.
- There was a discussion around whether accessing http session in a loosely coupled way from the sip application is required or not.
Discussion revolved around possibility of application wanting to use multiple application sessions using the websocket transport, but
still like to share the information with http session. There is also a possibility of web application bundling a third party plugin for sip
communication, that make it difficult for using the current encodeURI based convergence.
- Some folks in the EG need more time to evaluate the requirements. So, more comments are expected later.


Meeting Notes

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