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Meeting Notes

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  • Subject: Meeting Notes
  • Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 09:37:01 +0530
  • Organization: Oracle Corporation

Attendees : Brian, Keith, Eric, Binod.

- We discussed application composition primarily.

- We felt that the containers can optimize the number of internal objects that gets created as
a result of application composition. The 289 container already allows for such optimization.
If there are any further relaxation further needed, we will make that in the specification.
Eric mentioned that there may be one such case, for which, he will dig up an old email thread.

- There was a short discussion on whether we should allow a mini composition within a single
application itself. There are ways to do java level modularization already. However this does
  not solve the original composition performance.

- There was a discussion on whether distributed containers would be benefited by a application
chain level locking mechanism. Some kind of a key identified for the chain will be useful or not.
At the moment, containers are able to do such optimizations for a large majority of cases already.
So, it does not seem necessary to make changes in the specification for the same.

- We then had a discussion on state sharing between applications in the chain. It does appear like
an issue, though it is against the pipe and filter architecture of the composition. For the same
application that appear again in the chain, it does not break application independence. However,
the most of us in the meeting seem to favor minimal state sharing across all applications rather
than just the same application. At the moment, applications optimize this by sending data as
custom headers, which can be avoided by a standardized mechanism for the same.


Meeting Notes

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Meeting Notes

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