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Meeting Notes

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  • Subject: Meeting Notes
  • Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 11:54:06 +0530
  • Organization: Oracle Corporation

Attendees: Brian, Nitzan, Binod, Keith.

- We discussed using closures instead of listeners to enable Java SE 8. There is a general feeling that, we should not
unnaturally retrofit listeners, if the design require more than one method. If there are listeners that can be redesigned'
naturally to single method interfaces, then that is a good choice for closures. Binod will send example usages of
  such interfaces.

- Adding additonal methods to return collections for the current methods that return Iterators or ListIterators is
  a more natural change to the API.

- We discussed B2B UA API. We will add the API as per Keith's last document to the public draft. Binod has some
minor suggestions for optimizations, which will be taken up during the review of public draft.

- There was a discussion on the sip/websocket authentication. There is a consensus that, a new identity assertion
scheme is needed to represent sip/websocket identity assertion. Section 7 of the RFC draft expects the identity
in the SIP messages to be matched with SIP identity of websocket connection. A UA may carry this identity in
any header(s) (eg: From, P-Preferred-Identity). There is a difference in opinion whether this need to be configurable
per application or can be left to the container to decide which header it should use for matching.

- There was discussion on the impact of a UA requesting privacy (using anonymous from header) on the matching
of SIP messages as mandated by the sip/websocket RFC draft. It conflicts with the RFC draft requirement on
matching. Binod's emails to sipcore working group on this subject did not get any replies. Not sure, if the sipcore
  WG's actual opinion on this. Binod will try again to fetch an answer.

- We started discussing impact of web to SIP identity mapping on the converged application. We were not able to
  complete the discussion on time. Will continue on the next opportunity.


Meeting Notes

binod pg 11/08/2013

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Meeting Notes

binod pg 11/14/2013
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