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Poll: DAR handling of locally generated requests.

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  • Subject: Poll: DAR handling of locally generated requests.
  • Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 12:25:22 +0530
  • Organization: Oracle Corporation


In the meeting yesterday, we discussed two models to handle locally generated requests in DAR.
Locally generated requests are handled by DAR in JSR 289.

1. Use a flag in the scope of the chain to decide whether locally generated requests are handled by
the DAR or not. This model is consistent with JSR 289 philosophy or AR that application router
decides which application is invoked for initial requests. The flag serves as a configuration helping
    DAR to decide that. As a detail, this can be handled using
      A) using a new criteria condition:
We simply support a new SIP servlet request variable ( which can be
          used in the criteria.
      B) Use an explicit new variable:
           { support-locally-generated : false, applications : [A, B, C] }
2. DAR will never handle locally generated requests. It will return a NOOP for any locally generated request.
If an application want the DAR to be invoked, for a locally generated request, then the application
has to push a route. This require that such an application that was written for 289 DAR to be
    modified (not backward compatible).

Please vote whether you support:

Option 1-A, 1-B or 2.


Poll: DAR handling of locally generated requests.

binod pg 03/20/2014
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