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Re: Meeting Minutes

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 14:06:25 +0530
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On Thursday 28 February 2013 02:04 PM, Binod wrote:
Attendees: Eric, Keith, Brian, Jonas, George, Binod (Sorry, if I missed anyone).
(Corrected) Attendees: Eric, Keith, Brian, Nitzan, George, Binod (Sorry, if I missed anyone).

- We discussed dialog termination proposal. Please see that e-mail thread for
   the summary.

- JSR 236 expert group discussion. Forwarded the email to this group.

- SIP over websocket: We discussed two points related to sip/websockets
  on top of what we agreed in the F2F.

  1. Making the http headers available in the http request initiating the
websocket handshake available to the SIP application. There are headers
like User-Agent", "Origin" etc that could help SIP application form the logic.

  2. Converged HTTP and SIP applications: If a developer want to write a
converged sip/websocket and HTTP application (eg: an app that use webrtc),
then allow the http session to be accessible from SIP part of application. This
helps in state sharing between HTTP and SIP part of the application.

  We did not conclude on the websocket discussion.


Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

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Re: Meeting Minutes

Binod 02/28/2013
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