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Meeting Notes

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  • Subject: Meeting Notes
  • Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 13:00:43 +0530
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Attendees: Dan, Wei, Eric, Brian, Jonas, George, Binod (Sorry, if I missed anyone).


- Brian reminded us that a product need to pass TCK for JSR 236, if it claims
  compliance with that API. This is true for any JSR.

- We discussed dialog termination. EG does not seem to have a clear preference on
whether we support automatic termination of dialogs or not. We will go with
option 1 mentioned in the "SIP Dialog termination proposal" e-mail thread for EDR.
  Eric will update the dialog termination proposal and send it out.

- We then had a discussion on getInitiaingWebSession proposal for sip/websocket.
This api will work for SIP Servlets only if it is executed in the converged application
where the websocket connection is created so that HttpSession is not shared between
  different applications.

- There was a question on whether the current SipApplicationSession.getSession api
can be used instead. However, there can be multiple SipApplicationSessions crated
for the messages arriving in the websocket connection. Forcing all sip messages to
  a single sipapplicationsession may be limiting the API too much.

- Jonas mentioned that another way such an application may be designed is by letting
the browser do the coordination logic rather than it being done in the server. However
  that is only a design option for the developer.

- The discussion then drifted a bit to how webrtc work and how does sip/websocket help
  in traversing firewalls etc.

- Binod will write up some usecases that explain the use of sharing http session information
  with sipservlets so that we have a better perspective on the issue.

- Brian informed that Nitzan/Brian will be presenting a B2B proposal next week. That
  will be added to the agenda.

Meeting Notes

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Meeting Notes

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