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Fwd: [jsr236-experts] Final Release candidate for review

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  • Subject: Fwd: [jsr236-experts] Final Release candidate for review
  • Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2013 09:10:00 +0530
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Subject: [jsr236-experts] Final Release candidate for review
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 10:04:14 -0700
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Dear experts,

I have incorporated the comments we have received since the Proposed 
Final Draft.

The latest spec document with changes since PFD marked can be found at:

The changes to the spec document are minor. Here is a summary of the 
- Clarified types of context to be propagated are “from a 
contextualizing application component” in sections 2.3,,,, and
- Removed reference to “task can be run in a remote process” in sections 
3.1.1 and 3.2.1
- Fixed and simplified example code in sections and
- Removed requirement that a Java EE Product Provider need to detect the 
case where a task instance fails to complete a transaction when using 
the provided UserTransaction instance.
- Clarified that tasks are run in different transaction than the 
submitting thread, and any transaction active in the executing thread 
are by default suspended.

The latest javadoc zip file can be found at:

Javadoc at has also been 

Changes in javadoc since PFD can be found at:

Please send any feedback to the 

       mailing list. Readers not on 
the expert group can send feedback to 
mailing list. If nobody objects, we are planning to submit the Final 
Release to the JCP in the middle of next week.


Fwd: [jsr236-experts] Final Release candidate for review

Binod 03/28/2013
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