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Meeting Notes

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  • Subject: Meeting Notes
  • Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:02:22 +0530
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Attendees: Nitzan, Jonas, Binod, Tom, Eric, George, Dan, Keith (Sorry, if I missed anyone).

- EDR is now sent to JCP.
- Beyond EDR, we need to work on AR improvements, Third party protocol and potentially
session termination. We also need to finish the outbound and sip/websocket discussions.
- Tom mentioned that, Derived Sessions need more support for finding the
siblings, invalidation etc. We need a JIRA issue opened for this. There is already an IBM
  submitted issue on clarifications to Derived Sessions on invalidation.
- We had a discussion on container handling keep alives. The consensus is that a JSR 359
container would handle keep alives on their own. i.e While receiving Register responses,
container would start keep alives, if outbound is specified in the message. We will add a
release() method to the flow, so that application can indicate that, it is not interested in
the Flow any more. The responsibility of stopping the keep alive would lie with the container.
for example, it could stop the keep alive, if no messages are sent or received on a particular
flow for a container specified interval. It would also use applications calling release() as a
  hint for stopping the keep alive.


Meeting Notes

Binod 04/04/2013

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Meeting Notes

Binod 04/25/2013
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