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Meeting Notes

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  • Subject: Meeting Notes
  • Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2013 15:19:12 +0530
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Attendees: Dan, Nitzan, Jean, Eric, George, Keith, Tom, Binod (Sorry, if I missed anyone).

[My phone was a bit bad to listen yesterday. Hope I understood everyone correctly].

- We discussed sip/websocket draft. Here are the comments and decisions.
o The association between websession and sip messages are not bound to life-cycle
of any sessions. It is simply returning the http session of the converged web application
just like returning the URL with which the connection was established.
o The further comment on this, was, can this implicit association usecases be handled
       in a generic way for other transports too.
o Then there was a question of whether an application written for websocket transport
can be portably switched to another transport or not. That switched our discussion to
creating initial requests from a SIP application. The rfc draft does not mandate the use
of sip outbound spec for identifying the ws connection but mention it only as one
possible way. So, for those applications that does not use sip outbound need to have a
way to specify the websocket connection to send messages. Binod took an action item
       to discuss this with sip/websocket rfc editor.
o For EDR, this section will be restructured to explain the usage of Flow interfaces. It will
       then indicate that this require the feedback from the community.
o Then the discussion was about closing the websocket connection from the application.
Again, the main concern was, wouldn't other transports face the same usecases. Jean
mentioned that mobicents community had requests for the same for TCP transport
as well. He will send the details of that to the group. We will again request feedback
       from community on this.
o On the application composition, the new TargetedRequestType may be counter productive
since that stops sip/ws from using any other kind of request targeting. We will remove that.
- Jean will update the outbound draft with the comments. We will include that in the EDR.
However, we will leave the application composition on the outbound draft outside of EDR.
- EDR draft will be frozen by end of next week to allow sufficient time for submitting to JCP.

Meeting Notes

Binod 04/04/2013

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Meeting Notes

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