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ADF Samples - Performance Tuning

Main Table of Contents

ABA285 WebLogic Stuck Thread Case - Large Fetch Generated by Get Row ADF BC Method {] 30-OCT-2013
ABA283 Reproducing WebLogic Stuck Threads with ADF CreateInsert Operation and ORDER BY Clause {] 23-OCT-2013
ABA282 Evil Behind ChangeEventPolicy PPR in CRUD ADF 12c and WebLogic Stuck Threads {] 17-OCT-2013
ABA279 Conditional Task Flow Activation in ADF 12c/11g {] 29-SEP-2013
ABA271 ADF BC Locking Lifetime and Application Module Pooling {] 21-AUG-2013
ABA266 Researching ADF 12c Connection Threshold Property Functionality {] 16-JUL-2013
ABA234 Optimizing Long Running ADF Operations with Parallel WebLogic Time Manager Execution {] 10-MAR-2013
ABA199 LOV Validation and Programmatic Row Insert Performance {] 27-OCT-2012
ABA194 ADF 11g R2 WebLogic 10.3.5 vs ADF Essentials Glassfish 3.1 Performance Test {] 13-OCT-2012
ABA182 ADF BC Passivation/Activation and SQL Execution Tuning {] 02-AUG-2012
ABA175 Immediate Effect for ADF Table Content Delivery {] 29-JUN-2012
ABA168 How To Disable SELECT COUNT Execution for ADF Table Rendering {11.1.1.x] 26-MAY-2012
ABA165 View Link Accessor Usage Performance Side Effect {11.1.1.x] 13-MAY-2012
ABA159 Comparing Number of SQL Executions to get LOV Description With Entity Association Available {11.1.1.x] 15-APR-2012
ABA158 Bad Practice Use Case for LOV Performance Implementation in ADF BC {11.1.1.x] 04-APR-2012
ABA136 Tuning ADF Tree - Retain View Link Accessor Rowset {11.1.1.x] 11-DEC-2011
ABA132 Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications - Do Connection Pooling and TXN Disconnect Level {11.1.1.x] 16-NOV-2011
ABA131 Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications - Internal Connections {11.1.1.x] 08-NOV-2011
ABA128 Experimenting with ADF BC Application Module Pool Tuning {11.1.1.x] 29-OCT-2011
ABA126 ADF BC Tuning with Do Connection Pooling and TXN Disconnect Level {11.1.1.x] 15-OCT-2011
ABA125 How To Speed Up Application Undeployment in JDeveloper 11g R2 {11.1.2] 25-SEP-2011
CMU006 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – the power of Facelets – part 3 {11.1.2] 21-JUN-2011
CMU004 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – immediate activation - part 1 {] 20-JUN-2011
CMU005 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – programmatic activation - part 2 {] 20-JUN-2011
ABA097 ADF Faces PopUp 11g PS3 Performance Improvements {] 18-FEB-2011
ABA092 ADF 11g Performance Tuning - Select One Choice and Combo Box with List of Values {11.1.1.x] 09-JAN-2011
ABA088 Oracle ADF BC 11g Tuning for Immediate Row Level Locking {11.1.1.x] 01-DEC-2010
ABA080 How To Reduce Database Connections and Reuse ViewController Layer {11.1.1.x] 09-OCT-2010
ABA070 ADF Regions and Nested Application Modules to Improve Performance {11.1.1.x] 19-JUN-2010
ABA066 Oracle WebTier 11g Configuration for ADF 11g Applications {11.1.1.x] 02-JUN-2010
ABA042 Optimizing Oracle ADF Application Pool {11.1.1.x] 14-FEB-2010
ABA005 Improving Performance in ADF Applications - Page Load Time in CRUD Forms {11.1.1.x] 05-JUL-2009
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