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ADF Samples - General

Main Table of Contents

ADF Security

Click here for ADF Security page

Application Structuring and Integration

BPM Integration

Contextual Events

See also ADF Region and Task Flow Communication

Customization and Personalization

ABA157 Red Samurai MDS Cleaner V2.0 {11.1.1.x] 02-APR-2012
ABA122 Making It Work Together - MDS User and Seeded Customizations {11.1.1.x] 01-SEP-2011
JPU075 Long living Dynamic Business Components {11.1.2] 21-AUG-2011
ABA079 Exporting/Importing MDS Metadata and Promoting MDS Labels for Oracle ADF 11g and Oracle WebCenter 11g Applications {11.1.1.x] 01-OCT-2010
ABA078 Advanced MDS Management for Oracle ADF 11g and Oracle WebCenter 11g Applications {11.1.1.x] 29-SEP-2010
ABA077 Applying Personalization and Customization in Oracle ADF 11g and Oracle WebCenter 11g {11.1.1.x] 22-AUG-2010
ACC031 Metadata Services (MDS) Example: Power User vs. Normal User {11.1.1.x] 21-JUN-2010
ABA018 Persisting Query Criteria Results Across Sessions with Oracle MDS {11.1.1.x] 30-SEP-2009
ABA017 User Customizations for Duration of Session in Oracle ADF 11g {11.1.1.x] 27-SEP-2009
LJE002 Persisted run time user UI personalization or: Impatient man's MDS {11.1.1.x] 09-JAN-2009

See also Steve Muench' undocumented 10.1.3.x samples nr. 131

Data Push

LJE043 Notifying ADF applications of database changes – fast and lean using Active Data Service for Server to Client Push – Part Two {] 19-JUN-2012
LJE042 Notifying ADF applications of database changes – fast and lean using Database Query Result Change Notification – Part One {] 18-JUN-2012
LJE036 ADF Faces: Handle task in background process and show real time progress indicator for asynchronous job using Server Push in ADF {] 19-OCT-2011
ACC065 Active Data Service Sample - Twitter Client {11.1.1.x] 01-DEC-2010
SMU156 Use AutoRefresh VO in Shared AM with Optimized Polling to Show Latest Data in a Table {] 26-DEC-2009
This example illustrates how to use an Auto-Refresh view object in a shared application module to display the latest database changes in a table without eagerly requerying the view object. The DeptView view object has its AutoRefresh property set to true and the Model project defines a shared application module instance named AppModule on the Business Components > Application Module Instances panel of the project properties. The AppModuleDataControl entry in the dataControlUsages section of the DataBindings.cpx file in the ViewController project has been configured to use the AppModuleShared configuration so that the UI works with a shared application module instance. As an optimization, the DeptView view object overrides the processDatabaseChangeNotification() method to keep track of the System.currentTimeMillis() in a local member field. The view object's getLastRequery() is exposed on the client interface and is accessed by the DepartmentPage backing bean's via a method action binding. That bean's onPollTimerExpired() method only bothers to add the table UI component as a partial target if the time the view object was last requeried is greater than the time the table was last PPR'd (which it tracks in a viewScope attribute). To try the demo, run the Departments.jspx page. If you'd like try accessing the same page from several different browsers (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) to simulate multiple, distinct user sessions. In SQL Plus (or the JDeveloper SQL Developer worksheet window) try insert, updating, or deleting rows in the DEPT table and committing the changes. Sometime in the next 15 seconds, the different browser user's should update to reflect the changes automatically.
EBI007 ADF Data push with Active Data Service {] 05-DEC-2009


SSH001 GlassFish Extension for JDeveloper {] 24-SEP-2012
A sample extension that adds icons and menus to start/stop GlassFish, also adds a properties panel for configuration storing. Can be used as the base for other extensions.
ABA183 Resolving Invalid ADF BC Library Import in JDeveloper 11g R2 {] 05-AUG-2012
THA004 ADF: How to find out which ADF version is installed on a manged WebLogic server {] 05-FEB-2012
Find out which ADF Runtime is installed on a WebLogic Server without access to a command console on the server. This sample uses a WebService to print out the ADF Runtime Version installed on a WebLogic Server.
ABA139 How to set EAR Version for ADF Application on WebLogic {11.1.1.x] 21-DEC-2011
ABA111 Target MDS Repository for ADF Applications Deployment {11.1.1.x] 15-MAY-2011
ABA107 Strange Day - ADF Library Profile Dependency Deployment Problem {11.1.1.x] 27-APR-2011
JPU064 Initializing your Fusion Web Application Parameters at startup {] 08-APR-2011
ABA084 Few Hints about ADF 11g Web Deployment Profiles {11.1.1.x] 10-NOV-2010
ABA074 Redeploy and Version ADF Shared Libraries on WLS {11.1.1.x] 18-JUL-2010
ABA073 Deploying ADF Applications as Shared Libraries on WLS {11.1.1.x] 14-JUL-2010
ABA027 Building and Integrating Oracle ADF 11g Applications with OjDeploy Utility {11.1.1.x] 19-NOV-2009
ABA015 Manual Oracle ADF Application Deployment on WLS with JDBC DataSource {11.1.1.x] 20-SEP-2009
ABA006 Oracle ADF BC Deployment and Imported Libraries {11.1.1.x] 17-JUL-2009

File Upload and Download

THA003 JDev11. Handling images/files in ADF (Part 1-3) {] 26-NOV-2011
The goal of this sample is to show how to upload a file from a client to the server, store the data on the server, make it available for later retrieval and show the data in the user interface (form and table).


List of Values and Select Lists

THA010 JDeveloper: Using Static ViewObjects for Lookup Data used by e.g. LOV {] 02-SEP-2012
This sample shows how to use static ViewObjects to implement lookup data which can be used by model driven LOV
THA009 JDeveloper & ADF af:inputListOfValues: enable case insensitive search {] 20-AUG-2012
This sample shows how to implement an af:inputListOfValue with case insensitive search
ABA173 Radio Group List Support by ADF BC {] 21-JUN-2012
DSI003 AutoSuggest behavior In ADF Using EJB DataControl {] 21-APR-2012
AutoSuggest behavior in ADF adds a pull-down menu of suggested values to a text field. The user can either click directly on a suggestion to enter it into the field, or navigate the list using the up and down arrow keys, selecting a value using the enter key.
ABA135 Fix Rowset is Forward Only Error for ADF BC LOV Range Paging ( {] 03-DEC-2011
ACC090 How-to filter ADF bound lists {11.1.1.x] 30-OCT-2011
ACC091 How-to create new lookup data from a list of values select list {11.1.1.x] 04-OCT-2011
JPU076 Programmatically switching LOV queries at run time {11.1.2] 06-SEP-2011
ACC087 How-to improve LOV performance with shared AM in ADF BC {11.1.1.x] 29-JUL-2011
ABA104 Hide or Show LOV Based on LOV RowSet Size {11.1.1.x] 11-APR-2011
EFE001 Multiple LOVs for VO's attribute {] 20-FEB-2011
The sample of using LOV switcher
ACC070 How-to build ADF dependent list boxes with Web Services {11.1.1.x] 21-JAN-2011
ACC069 How-to create a custom LOV using bounded task flows {11.1.1.x] 18-JAN-2011
ACC062 How-to use the af:autoSuggestBehavior component tag with ADF bound data sources {11.1.1.x] 19-OCT-2010
ACC055 How-to build a single select component with images in select items {11.1.1.x] 03-SEP-2010
JPU030 Enabling LOVs for Dynamic ViewObject attributes {] 26-JUL-2010
ABA068 LOV Description Text with Groovy {11.1.1.x] 07-JUN-2010
LJE010 The native AutoSuggest behavior {11.1.1.x] 25-NOV-2009
ABA025 Defining the LOV on a Reference Attribute in Oracle ADF 11g {11.1.1.x] 06-NOV-2009
ABA014 PropertyNotFoundException in Query Criteria LOV Component {11.1.1.x] 17-SEP-2009
JPU002 Tips on LOV Runtime {] 05-AUG-2009
ACC047 How-to build a select one choice displaying hierarchical selection data {11.1.1.x] 06-JUN-2008


DRM003 Code Templates for the ADF Logger {11.1.x] 11-JUL-2012
Shortcut templates for the JDeveloper Java code editor to create common code statements needed to use the ADF Logger

Maven Integration


Message Handling

LBO003 Quicky 3 : Adding Error, Info and Warning messages {11.1.1.x] 03-OCT-2011
JPU074 Clearing the stale messages from the previous request on client side validation error {11.1.2] 28-JUL-2011
JPU061 Customizing Business Components Error Messages {] 25-MAR-2011
ABA062 Differences of Handling JboException in Oracle ADF {11.1.1.x] 18-MAY-2010
ABA058 Handling Exceptions in Oracle UI Shell and ADF Dynamic Regions {11.1.1.x] 02-MAY-2010
SMU144 Customizing Application Error Handler to Support Informational Messages {] 20-MAR-2009 Scott schema
The base ADF product only distinguishes between warnings and errors, so there is no default way to get a JSF message with severity of INFO. This example includes a CustomErrorHandler class that implements handling for informational messages. The addInformationMessageTest() method in the AppModule custom java class adds an informational message by using the addWarning() API, passing a custom subtype of JboWarning called InformationalMessage. Due to the way warnings are wrapped before they are passed to the custom error handler's getDisplayMessage() method by the ADF framework, the InformationalMessage constructor sets a value into the error parameters that the CustomErrorHandler uses to recognize the warning subtype as an informational message. The overridden getDisplayMessage() method in the error handler class detects whether the exception is an informational warning, and if it is, it adds an informational message to the FacesContext. It uses the setProperty() and getProperty() API of the JboWarning object to set a flag it can use to detect whether the exception has already been reported by this custom mechanism. This is required because ADF will invoke the getDisplayMessage() two times for each exception reported, later only one of which gets reported to the user. Run the Page.jspx to try the example. To see an error be reported, enter a salary of 5002 and click (Next). To try a warning, enter a salary of 5001 and click (Next). To see an informational message, click the (addInformationMessageTest) button. Notice that the custom error handler class is declaratively configured via the ErrorClass attribute on the root element of the DataBindings.cpx file (which shows as the ErrorClass property of the root element in the Property Inspector.

See also Steve Muench' undocumented 10.1.3.x samples 101, 107, 108, 130


Performance Tuning

ABA182 ADF BC Passivation/Activation and SQL Execution Tuning {] 02-AUG-2012
ABA175 Immediate Effect for ADF Table Content Delivery {] 29-JUN-2012
ABA168 How To Disable SELECT COUNT Execution for ADF Table Rendering {11.1.1.x] 26-MAY-2012
ABA165 View Link Accessor Usage Performance Side Effect {11.1.1.x] 13-MAY-2012
ABA159 Comparing Number of SQL Executions to get LOV Description With Entity Association Available {11.1.1.x] 15-APR-2012
ABA158 Bad Practice Use Case for LOV Performance Implementation in ADF BC {11.1.1.x] 04-APR-2012
ABA136 Tuning ADF Tree - Retain View Link Accessor Rowset {11.1.1.x] 11-DEC-2011
ABA132 Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications - Do Connection Pooling and TXN Disconnect Level {11.1.1.x] 16-NOV-2011
ABA131 Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications - Internal Connections {11.1.1.x] 08-NOV-2011
ABA128 Experimenting with ADF BC Application Module Pool Tuning {11.1.1.x] 29-OCT-2011
ABA126 ADF BC Tuning with Do Connection Pooling and TXN Disconnect Level {11.1.1.x] 15-OCT-2011
ABA125 How To Speed Up Application Undeployment in JDeveloper 11g R2 {11.1.2] 25-SEP-2011
CMU006 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – the power of Facelets – part 3 {11.1.2] 21-JUN-2011
CMU004 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – immediate activation - part 1 {] 20-JUN-2011
CMU005 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – programmatic activation - part 2 {] 20-JUN-2011
ABA097 ADF Faces PopUp 11g PS3 Performance Improvements {] 18-FEB-2011
ABA092 ADF 11g Performance Tuning - Select One Choice and Combo Box with List of Values {11.1.1.x] 09-JAN-2011
ABA088 Oracle ADF BC 11g Tuning for Immediate Row Level Locking {11.1.1.x] 01-DEC-2010
ABA080 How To Reduce Database Connections and Reuse ViewController Layer {11.1.1.x] 09-OCT-2010
ABA070 ADF Regions and Nested Application Modules to Improve Performance {11.1.1.x] 19-JUN-2010
ABA066 Oracle WebTier 11g Configuration for ADF 11g Applications {11.1.1.x] 02-JUN-2010
ABA042 Optimizing Oracle ADF Application Pool {11.1.1.x] 14-FEB-2010
ABA005 Improving Performance in ADF Applications - Page Load Time in CRUD Forms {11.1.1.x] 05-JUL-2009

Quality Assurance


THA008 JDeveloper: access resources from the applications jar or classpath in the Model or ViewController {] 02-AUG-2012
This sample shows how to read resources, which are part of the applications classpath and are deployed with the application.

Rest Service Integration

EBI016 ITunes Rest Service {] 27-JUN-2012
ITunesRestClient calls an apple ITunes rest service on which you can search any type of music. The Rest service returns json. For this the application uses jersey jax-rs ( calling the rest service ) and gson ( convert json to java entities ) This application has an ADF DataControl on this rest pojo client plus an ADF search panel, results displayed in a table + a preview window where you can listen or watch the music

Searching and Sorting and Filtering Data

Click here for Searching and Sorting and Filtering Data page

Servlet Integration

User Interface Patterns

Click here for User Interface Patterns page

Utility Code

Validation and Business Rules

Click here for Validation and Business Rules page

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Can be used as thtabase=== {|e base f bordor other="1" extensions. |- | 0683"/>[[#ABA10683|ABA10683]] | []] | [ InvResoklving Stored Procedures aInvalid ADnd Functions withF BC Named VarLiable Paibrary Iramemport in JDevelopetersr 11g R2] [{11.1.1.x2.0] 205-APRUG-20112 [[ [[image:info.png]]] |- | PLITHA0014"/>[[#PLITHA0014|PLITHA0014]] | [ Caples/content/ anADF:OracleHowdatabase procedure fr to find omut Java whwitich ADF versih only ONEon is l installedine of on coa manged WebLogic serverde] [] {] 2405-NOVFEB-20102 [http://adf[http://tompluseez.blwogsrdpotress.nlcom/2012/02/2010/11/05call/adf-how-to-fingd-out-which-adf-version-is-inst-oracallle-ed-on-data-mbasngede-pr-weblogic-soceduervre-from.htmler/ [[image:info.png]]] |}- S|||Find out which ADF Runtimeee is inst alsalled on a WebLogic o StServereve M withouent ach'cess [http://blogs.or to a consource/examples undocumesole on thnted 10e server.1.3.x. 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Run the TestP.html [[image:infoage.jspx.png]]] |} ===File Upload a and try tnd Do ewnloadit=== {| a "Hiboredatrder="1" |- |e" v alue.n You'llid="THA003"/>[[#THA003|THA003]] |see t[hat he d t/picker projects/smueonly nchallowdf/s you to sourches/sangmple s/conthe datente t/Blo gUploa JDev11. th Hatndling images/files is within a in ADF sp(Panrt of1-3)]t{] 26-NOV-2011 [ ev11-1-2-1-0-handling-imdayages bfiles-in-adefof-pare tort-1/ t[[image:info.png]]] |- |||Three dhe goaysl aofter thef this current vsampalue. Thle is tis occurs due to showo the how UI ctom uplponent'soad rea file fferenrom a cliecingnt to t the cuhe server, sstomtore "minda thte" and "maxdate"e data hionts approprian thtely. 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There are ts-four sefor-lookup-dparateata/ worksp[[imacges, o:ine fornfo.png]]] |- |||This esacmple shows hh ofow tho use supportede static Vie waywObjects ytou migho implement buildt lookup data a web appl which cicatioan be n usingused ADF: Dbyna micCrodel drivedenten LOV |- | id="THA009"/>[[#THA009|THA009]] | [ i/ muencha "Model 1" adf/stylource s/samappliples/cation with content/Blno JDeve layloper;er & A DynDF amf:icCredentialsStrinputs.jws Lis StristOfValutes-: enable cbased; DynamicCrase insedentialsTrinensitidad.jwsve is search] {a 1011.] 20- ADFAUG-2012 Facesa [ inputhalis'ofvalues -enable-cas-ibeen mnsensigraitivted to ue-se the Apsearachech/ Tr[[image:info.png]]] |- |||Thinidis sadmple cshows how to iomponmplemeents; and Dynamnt an af:icCredeinputLntialsRichFistOfVaces.jws lusesue wi the new ADF Faceth cases Rich Client compon insents ensithative se arearch |- | new in n id="ABA173"/>[[#ABA11g.173|ABA173]] | Eac[h ttpro://jdject thes/RadioTableApp.zipe s Ramedio MGrodelup List Su prppojecrt andby AD FwkExF BC] {] 21-JUN-2012 [htetp://andrejunsisb.blongs project. The generic exroup-listen-siuppon rt-by-adf-bc.html [[imclassages :invfolved.png]]] |- | in id="DSI003"/>[[#DSI003|DSI003]] | [ implemenes/AutinoSug thge AutsoloSuggest behavior Iution liven ADF Using in the FwkEx EJB DatensiaCons ptrojectl] {]. The 21-APR-2012Mo [http://deepakcs.bdel logsproject thsing-ejb.htmle s [[implage ADFBC c:infom.ponenpng]]] |- |||Auts oSuggest busedehavior in theADF example: adds a TestModpule applicatiull-dowon moduln menue with ofa sin suglge DepstViewted VO instvanclues te of a DeptViewo a text vfiewld. objThect bae usedr ocan eithern the DEPT clickdirec tabletly ion thea SCOTT sch suggema. Whstilon to entere upda it tinginto the fi the exampleeld, for 11 or navig, I atooke the libersty of using twot using the up a nend downw featu arrow keys, selecres thting ata v allowalued me using thene toter simplifkey. |- | an id="ABA135"/>[[#ABA135|ABA135]] |y and s [htrtp://jdevsampeamline icode.comp/filemes/LOVRantgePatgioingFix.zipn. The f Firstx R of theowset is Forse wasward usiOngly the new ErrorHandle Error for ADF BrClC LOV Rassnge Paging (] {] 03-DEC-2011 [http://and attribute rejusb.blon t-is-forward-only-fr-adf-bc.hroot tml [[licimatge:info.png]]] |- | >[[#ACC090|ACC090]] |ion> e [ twof rk/developer-thools/adf/le Dearnmore/90-filter-ataBiadf-bound-lndingists-508191s.c.zipxp How-to filter file in ADFeach bofund the clien lists]t web {11.1.1.x]30-OCT-2011 [htt prp:// itechn etwork/developeorder r-to ols/adf/learnmorrege/90-fislter -a custdf-bom ADFM error haund-ndlerlists-508190.pdf [[ implementatimage:info.png]]] |- |ion (te <st.Dynpamn icJDBd="ACErrC091"/>[[#ACC091|ACC091]] | [http://www.orHandoraclerImpl). nerrtwor hank/developdler ier-tools /adf/ldesigearnmore/91-aned tddrowfromlov-513621.zipo n How-otito crce eathe DMLExcte neptiw lonokup da thta frownm by a list of va faialuledes database conn select lectionist] a{11.1.1.x] 04-OCT-2011 [ (due technetwto incorrork/decveloper-t uools/adf/leasernarnmorme/pe/91-asswddrowford combromlov-513620.pdf [[inmatge:info.pion),ng]]] |- | and itan id="JPU076"/>[[#JPU076|JPU076]] | t[hrows tha http://particuladf-sr thProgran simpammatically switly cacching LOV querhing ities on athe bit runding containn timer] {11.1.2]. The 06-SEP-2011secondnew fea [hture emtpl://joyed bineis the ash.bility to a globrogral customizammation to the ADF Pcage lifecyce by ually-switchising a META-INF/adfng-lov-squettringes.xhtml f[[ilmage :info.png]]] |- |in e achn client id="ACC087"/>[[#ACC087|ACC087]] | web [httpr://www.ojeractle. Each twork/dregistevlopeers r-the teoolst.Dyn/amicJDBCPagdf/lePhaseListener in earnmorder tore/87-lo condv-usitoing-shnally arexecute cusHow-tom logicto improve bLOV performance with shared AM in Aefore the ADF "prepareDF BC model"]phase{11.1.1.x]of29-JUL-2011thelife [http://www.oracycle. This custom rhnefetwork/drencevs thlop dar-ta conttools/adf/learnmore/87-lov-urols in tsing-she cuarrent red-am-444769.pdf [[impage defage:initifo.pon,ng]]] |- | cau<sipang tn id="ABA104"/>[[#ABA104|ABA104]] | [http://jdevsahem tmples.go bogle checode.ecked out ocom/f thile AM ps/Chool (if oiceListhRey Hidere not already ce or Show LOV Bashecked out during theed on LOV currRowSent let Sifzecycle)] before{11.1.1.x]the11-APR-2011JSF [http:// page rendering bandrejusb.bloegingspots. show-lov-based-on-alllov-roows wset.thehtml [[imag erre:infor.png]]] |- | handling coan ide="EFE001"/>[[#EFE001|EFE001]] | to catc[h the http://adf-practice.googfailed connlecode.ection attempt com/fin timle s/MultLto ovApp.rediaectr Mul thtiple uLOVser ts for VO's ao thttribute]e login {]20-FEB-2011 [http:// page beadfopre acthice r-fndeedoring phase .belogingspots. The fltipile le-lovs-for e-vos-acttribute.htmlh V [[imagiewCoe:intrfoll.png]]] |- |||There sam projplect contae of usinsg aLOVconswitchtexter |- | pan id="ACC070"/>[[#ACC070|ACC070]] | [http://www.o (Rtechneditwork/dreceveloper-tToLgin) thtools/at defiadf/learnmornes the/70-d pendent-listblogoxes-usin How- to rto build ADF depenedirecdent list to ft borxes wi that particular wth Web applServication. Thices] {11.1.1.x] 21-e JSFJAN-2011 [htt prp://www.ojracle.ect concom/tains a secotechnd context panetworamk/detvr Faclopr-toolesURLPs/attdf/leaern as wrnmorell. Du/70-d pendent-listbto Boxes-usinug# 50g-ws-286180057,07.pdf sett[[inmag the jbge:info.png]]] |- | o.aman id="ACC069"/>[[#ACC069|ACC069]] | [http://www.poooracl.sessionle.cookim/tefaechnetwctorycork/develass prloper-operty in the contools/adfigur/leatiorn is nmot corrore/69-custom-ectly saloved -wito the th-bc4j.xctfg file-276183. So, zinp H order ow-to configuto create a custom LOV ure a custom sessiosingn c bookiundede factory class task aflows required] {11.1.1.x] 18-JAN-2011 [http://www. to oraclrepurpe.cose m/the technetwork/code in developer-thiools ex/ampdf/le in youar own prrnmojre/69-ectcus, ytou'm-ll need to handlov-edwit the ith-bc4jtf-276178.xcpdfg ff [[ilmage to :info.png]]] |- | <insertspan the chil id="ACC062"/>[[#ACC062|ACC062]] |d e [ two.amrk/developer-tpool.ools/adf/lse­ssioearncmookiref/autoryclass>ttosuggest­.DynsamicJDBCSple­ HionCow-toki useF the af:autorySuggesstBehavionr compcook­ionefacntorycl tass>g w inside the apprith ADF bopriund datea sodulources] {11.1.1.x] 19-OeConfig>CT-2010 e [ ftwor thk/de cvelonper-tools/adfigu/learnmore/62-auration in qtosuggestbehavuestionior-177811.pdf. [[ikmage:> |} ===Grnfoovy===.png]]] {| border="1" |- | BA184 |- | CC055"/>[[#ABA184CC055|ABA184CC055]] | [ DHow-to buiffereld a sincgle Bsetwlenct ADF BC Grcompoovyonent OldwithVimalugese a ind Posted An selecttr ibuitems te] [] {] 073-AUGSEP-20120 [ [http://andnetwork/drejusb.bevelogspoloper-t.caools/2012/08/adiffdf/leaerencrnmore/55e-b-selecetwtonechoiceen-ewithimadf-bc-groovyages-old170420.htmlpdf [[image:info.png]]] |- ||| |- | ABA141 [[image:info.png]]] |- | JPU030"/>[[#ABA141JPU030|ABA141JPU030]] | [ GrEnabling LOVs foovyr wDynamithc ViewObject View L attrink Accbutessor] [es] {11.1.1.x3] 296-DECJUL-20110 [http://a[http://jobindrejusbnesh.blogspot.comin/20110/1207enablin/grg-loovyovs-wfor-dynamithc-view-link-accessor-viewobject.html [[image:info.png]]] |- | 98"/>[[#ABA0698|ABA0698]] | [ trGroovy Str.zingp L OpOV Descerariptions in Oracltion Texte ADF with11gGroovy] [{11.1.1.x] 111.1.1.x] 07-JUN-2010 0-JUN-2010 [[ [[image:info.png]]] |- | L.html [[image:info.png]]] |- | PUJE010090"/>[[#L"/>[[#JPUJE010090|L|JPUJE010090]] | [http://technology.]] | [http://adf-sampleamis.gnl/bloogleog/wp-codnte.comnt/fiupleoads/BCInitis/ Thessing web e natier variable valtive Aues from the butoSusinggess components in est beha groovy wayavior] [{] 0825-NOV-2009 -NOV-2009 [http://jobin[ [[image:info.png]]] |- | 35"/>[[#ABA0235|ABA0235]] | [ Groovy ValDefidatnng the LOV ion Hion a Reference Attributent in Oracle ADF 11g] [ in Oracle ADF 11g] {11.1.1.x] 046-NOV-2009 -NOV-2009 [[ [[image:info.png]]] |- | SMUABA0149"/>[[#SMU14"/>[[#ABA0149|SMU14|ABA0149]] | []] | [http://jdeves/samples/ RefePropertyNotFoundExceptionrence View in ObjQuectry Criteri anda LO View RV Cow Methods from Grompoovynent] [{] 0317-SEP-2009 SCOTT sc-SEP-2009 [hema |- |||The EmpView view object in his example fehttp://atures two transient, Groovy calculated attributandrejusbes. The attribute named ValueUsingVOFunction reference.blogs a custpom myFunctiot.conAtVOLevel() methom/2009/09/prod on the EmpViewImpl class, while the attribute opertynamed ValueUsingVORowFunction references a custom myFunctionAtVORowLevel() method on the EmpViewRowImpl notfoundexclass, in both cases passceptioing n-in the val-que of the Sal attributeuery. The methods simply return the v.html [[imaluge passed :in surrfounded by either .parenthesis or square brackets.png]]] |- | SMJPU143002"/>[[#SMJPU143002|SMJPU143002]] | []] | [http://adf-sources/samples/ ReferencTing UserData Map Values fromips on LO View ObjecV Runt Bind Variabltimes in Groovy] [e] {] 2705-JAN-AUG-2009 SCOTT sc-2009 [hema |- |||This examttple ://jobincludes a SessionHeinesh.blper class to logsimplify referencing enspotr.ies in in/2009/08/the ADFBC session's userData map from the Groovy expressitips-ons pr-lovidi-rung the default values for bind variablntimes. The user data mape.html [[ is referenced viima EL gexpress:ions in the twinfo JSPX .panges,]]] |- | and it is referencean id="ACC047"/>[[#ACC047|ACC047]] |d in Gr [http://www.oovy bind variaboracle expressi.cons in m/two places: (1) at ttechnhe AM data metwork/odel level fdevelopeor r-the VO inoolst/ancdf/le named AearnmnotherInstanceOfQueryWitore/47-hBindVahierValue (wrarchich you can hicalsee by selectiselectong the VO nechoinstance ice-168520.zinp How- theto Dbuild ata Moda sel lisect aonde clhoicking the (Edit) button, ice displayiandng (2) on the view accessor named QueryWit hierarchBindVhicarValue1 of thal se EmpVilw view object. Thisection ldatter view accessorata] is{11.1.1.x]used06-JUN-2008byt [he LOV definition on he EmpViehttp://w vie www.object's Mgr attributoracle. Tco m/try the applicatechnetiwon, run thork/de SvtUserMapValue.jselopx page, type NameFilter inper-to the olsetUserM/apValue_key field, and (for exampadf/le) the lettear S intrnmo thre /47-setUserMapValue_value field, aselect-ond e-clhoick (setUseice-grMapValoue)ps-169189.pdf. The t [[imablge :in the fo.pange]]] |} ===Logging=== {| upbordatesder="1" |- | to <show pan example of a ida="DRM003"/>[[#DRM003|DRM003]] | [http://jta model t/probject instance uojects/sing thmue bind venchariable value dfr/som the userDources/sata Mamp. Cliples/cking on the (Gcontent/ADFLoTo Page Referencogging STession Vampluate s.zinp LOV BinCoded V Templar) button takes yates four tohe aADFpaLoggge whereer] the{11.1.x]search11-JUL-2012forms [hows tha the view accehttpss://blor'gs r.owset (brascled .com/grouon the ndsamide Qu/nteryWithBindVry/arValue dview objecvent) is tures_in_adf_lousing the bggind vg_pariable value from theart1 userData [[imap as wgell:info. 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A futurer to c releasreate ce of ADF will make it sipler to refereommon code snce thtate ADFBC smssioentsn obj necteded with to outuse the needADF fLor a hggelper class. |} ===JMSer |} ===Maven Integration=== {| border="1" |- | JPUDVA0605"/>[[#JPUDVA0605|JPUDVA0605]] | [https5]] | [http://a:// Using JDeveloper JMSMaven w inithtegration ADFtoBrusiun Oraclness Coe ADF samponle ientsn Java cloud] [{] 127-APRJUN-20112 [http://j[http://dobineonatash.blogs.nicequespot.stion.comin/2011/2012/046/using-jmsdeveloper-with-madfven-bus-intiness-cegratiomponenon-tso.html [[image:info.png]]] |} ===Programmatic BusinMess Componentenus=== {| border="1" |- | SDs=== {| border="1" |- | BA185A002"/>[[#SD"/>[[#ABA185A002|SD|ABA185A002]] | [https]] | [http://jdevsamp:// SolutMappioing Muln to Controtiplel Gl Fobal EcusViewId's wditablith XMLMe/Readonly enuMode in ADF BCl] [{] 156-AUGPR-201209 [https [http://andrejusb.blogsp:// [[image:info.png]]] |- [[image:info.png]]] |} ===Message Handling=== { |||| border="1" |- | ALBA16O003"/>[[#ALBA16O003|ALBA16O003]] | [ HowQuicky to3Up: Adateding DataError,In from DBfo and VWarniew using ADF BC DoDML Ming methodssages] [{11.1.1.x] 063-MAYOCT-20121 [http://andrej[ [[image:info.png]]] |- | ABA153JPU074"/>[[#ABA153JPU074|ABA153JPU074]] | [ UsClearinge C the stale messagesase fo fromr ADF BC Wi theth N previo Databaus requestse C on client sidonnece validation errortion] [] {11.1.1.x2] 1528-MARJUL-20121 [http://a[http://jobindrejusbnesh.blogspot.comin/20121/037/usclearinge-c-stale-messagesase-fo-fromr-adf-bc-w-previth-no-databaiouse.html [[image:info.png]]] |- | 7s.html [[image:info.png]]] |- | 61"/>[[#JPU0761|JPU0761]] | [ Cuilding prstogrammatically maomizinaged bng Business cComponents - PaErtror 2Messages] [{] 25-JUNMAR-2011 -2011 [[ [[image:info.png]]] |- | JPUABA01762"/>[[#JPUABA01762|JPUABA01762]] | [ A samplDifferencese ADF ofBC Happndling JboExlicaception based oin StoOredProaclceduree ADF] [{] 0918-FEBMAY-2010 -2010 [http://jobi[http://andrejuneshsb.blogspot.incom/2010/025/sample-a/didf-bfferences-of-hc-appandling-jboexlicaception-based-oin.html [[image:info.png]]] |- | JPUABA0058"/>[[#JPUABA0058|JPUABA0058]] | [ EHantdlityng ObjeExcepct bationsed os in Oraclen a PL/ UI SQLhell Package and APIDF Dynamic Regions] [{] 1802-OCTMAY-201-20090 [http://jobi[http://andrejuneshsb.blogspot.incom/201/2009/10/050/e/hantdlityng-obj-exect-based-ception-plsql-pons-in-orackagle-ui-shelle.html [[image:info.png]]] |- | 7.html [[image:info.png]]] |- | 4"/>[[#SMU1474|SMU1474]] | []] | [ CustomizingC Application With N Application Erroro D Hatabasndlere C to Support Ionnecnformational Messages tion] [] {] 2] 01-SEP0-MAR-2009 SCOTTcott schema schema |- |||This example illustr |- |||The bates a technique forase ADF cpreaoducting at on appnly dlicaistion modtingule tishat does not ushes be a databasetwe connction. The only reeen wasorn you mninightgs want to do thi and errors,s i sos that you a there exclusively using prre is nogr defammaultic viet way tw objo gects and entityet a JSF objmects, which miessaght be an ge winfrequenitht scena severio, burityt does come up from time to time of INFO. Theis example inc example illustratludes a nCustoumbemEr rof lesser-used frorHamndlework extension classes. Ter class the NoDatabaseApplhat icationPoolImpl iimplements hs a custom appandlicatiolingn m foduler pool implement information clational messagesass. The NonDatabaseCo. The addInnectifonStormrategy is a custom connationMection stressategy class . ageThe CustoTest() mSessimethonImpld isn atheAppModule custom sessioncustom java class, which return class adds ans a cust infom tormransaction handler fational messactory. Thge Cby ustomTxinHg the andlerFaddWactoryarning() APImpl, ipassing a custom subs a custom trtype of JboWaransactioningn h candalllered Inform facatitoryonalMessage. D used to returnue to the w anay warning insts ancre owrapped before theyf the custom CustomTxnHandlerImpl are clpass,ed wto thiche is a custom t custom eransactironr handler's handler impl gementatetDion. The SessionCisplayMelass configuration propssagerty() is smet thod by o the nthe ADF frame wofrk, the custInforom session implementation clmationalMeass,ssage which i con structoturn bootr sestraps thets a cvalustome trainsactionnto t handler facthe erroryor p and custoaram etetransactionrs t handler.hat Tthe PoolClahe CussNatome cErronfiguorHration propandlerty ier us setses to thre cognamize of the custom e the wapplrnicatioingn mod sulbtype poolas an implementinformation clational messageass. This. The class overriddoverridesen thge tDisSupportsPisplayMeassivationssage() method in () method tothe return error fhandalse,ler indi clcatingass de to tecs wthe runtimhethere that the this partiexcular aepplication module pool doeption is as not suppn infort pmassivation. The jbo.ampool.coational warninnecng, and if it tionis, istrt ategycladdss cos anf igunformationalration prop merty is essagset to the ne to the Fame of the cuacestCom connontecxtion. sItrategy clat uss which overrides the crses the seateApplicatietPronModulpertye() metho() and to sget some key pPropertiesy() inAPIof the environment hashmap the Jbefore cboWallrning supobjer.ct The StaticVO to i sets a st a flatg it canic vi usewe t objo deteect tct what returns rows whoshethere data is in the ModelBundl the exce.propertieeption has fialrle. |- | an id="SMU132"/>[[#SMU132|SMU132]] |eady [http://java.nbet/projcts/smuenchadf/soueen rces/samples/conreportend by t/Stathis icDataMacustom msterDetechanailism.z Thips Programmatic is Vrequiriewed Object becauses Sho ADF will iwingnvoke Mas thter/De getail Data] [] 09-OCT-2008 |- |||This example illustratetDisplayMes some essageneric() frametwork extension classwo times in action for progres for eammatiachc view obje excts whose dacepta istion relaported,ted m laster/detail. The geater onericly ionfrastructure codene of lives in twhe StaticDataVihich gewObjectSuets repport project.ported All tof the vio the usewr. objects iRun the ModPagel pro.ject specifjspx to try the orexacmple.adfb­c. To staticdat­a.CSVFileVi­wObjectImpl classsee an as their famework base class to inh error be repoerit thrted,e g enteneric functioner a saalitlary of re5002 adingand theclirck data from a CSV (comma-s (Neparaxted values) file. Thet). To ListOfMapsDataProviderViewObjectImpl try frame a woark extensiorning,n class implements enter a psalary rogrof 5001 ammatnd clickic vi (New objecxt).t wh To seeose data an is populated nfrforom a java.util.List of jmationava.util.Map objal mects. Thessage,e CSVFi cleViewObjectImpllick ex thtends ListOfMe (apsDataProviderViewObjectaddImpl tnfo supply rma "data providationMer" thssat rgeadTes datast) frbuttom CSV filesn. By cNonvention, it roticeads dae thatta from the *. the cucsv file in the sastome directm errory in tor handlerhe classpath as the view object's component definition fi class is decle. So, foar example, thrative model.Statesely view object configureadsred v its data from the mia the ErroderCl/ flass attrilbute. The compiler options of the projece on the root have bt elementeen modified to add the *.csv ex of the DatensaBion to the lindingists.cpx of files t file (what should be copied to thiche outpath sh during compilationhows time. 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It ewcontains rone editable Empoyeesoller/ ent[[ity usmage, and s:ix additional refereinfo.pnce entg]]] |- |||Thitys usag samples showinge shows related infhormaw tionto re aboutad thre employee's depaesourtmcents, twheich department's m are panager,art of the department's the apploication,s classpa the department'sth and a region, thre de employee's job, aneployed wid the department's country. When a vth the appliew object is in declarative modication. |} ===Re, itests SQL statem Service Ient is detentegrmined at runtime irationstead=== {| b of at order="1" |- | <desigspan time.n id="EBI016"/>[[#EBI016|EBI016]] | A[httributeps ://gin the mobnd/jdject can haev11g_ve their Seexamplecs/ted in Query property st to ftree/malse, and these attribaster/ITutes will only be unesRselecested Clif they are referenced by the page defiient ITunition for thnese curr Renst pagSe, otherwervisce]e they {]will27-JUN-2012beleft o |- |||ITut of thne qusRry. When mulstipClile entity usent cagells are involved, if s an appall the attrible ITutnes from a given enes restity usage at servicre lefte on which y out ofou can thse queary, tche anyn th type ADFBCof runtime "prunes" music. tThat table rhe Relasted to that t sentrvity usagce out of thre qtuery and does nurns jsotn. perfForm that join.or this Tthe application modulhe application usese in th je Modrsly project jax-rs in( cacludeslling three differen the rest instant services ofce ) the same and EmplgsoyeeAllInfo viewon ( c objonvecrt. Yt jsou caon tn obsero javea the different run entitimtiese quer ) Thieis as performed by pplicathe three differetiont JSPX pn hages byas an lADF DataCookingontrol ion this restn the l pogjo whiclientle performing plus an ADF a search in each pagsearch pane. The fileel, Queries. resultxts d incispludayed in thea ViewContro tabller projectle + contains a fo a prmatted reviversew wion indofw twhe different queries. Yhere you can listou can see ien or watch thn the qe music |} ===Seaueryrching fand Sor the Minimorting and FialEmploylteeIrinfo.jspx page, thng Dat ona=== Clyick the EMPLOYEE[[ADFS tabSample is lesSearchincluded.g In|the query here]] for MSedarchiumEmployeeInfo.jspxing you see EMPLOYEES, DEPARTMENTS, EMPLOYEES (a second time f and Sor the maortinager), and JOBS. The query for ng and Filthe ftering Dinalata page joins a ===Servll of thlet Integration=== {| e tablbordes.r="1" |- | SMJPU10332"/>[[#SMJPU10332|SMJPU10332]] | [http://jav]] | [ Postoining Static Arraying a JSF of Dpatabasge Type Data into Vie to Sew Objrvlct Query] [et] {] 036-OCTAUG-201-2008 |- |||This exampleillus0 [htrattp://jobintes an aesh.blogspproach ostake ain g-jsf-parray ge-tof -steructurvledt.html [[ informatimage:info.png]]] |- | ion and binan id="JPU020"/>[[#JPU020|JPU020]] |d i [ht ino ttp://a view object query as one odf the t-sabmples in .gordogler tco produce a database biletween the states/AMWic information and tithShe databaservl The co Intext vokingin wh Applich athis examptionModule afrosem was that a service call was r a servlet eturnusing aADF list Mof ranked/scoredodel] primary{]keys,13-APR-2010thatt [hen needed to be http://jobjoined witinesh the data.base table to which the blogsprot.imary keys referred n/2010/04/in vorder to king-aproduplice a frcatieonmodundly display le-for endfrom-users -servlet.that inchtmludesl [[i mormage descr:info.iptivpng]]] |} ===Usere i Infotermfationce P about he raatterns=== Clicnkedk [[ADFSamplesUIPatte rowrns. You'lls | nhereede]] tfor Useo runr In the Cterface PattreateTypeerns.sql script bs pagefore us ===Uting lithey Co demode=== {| tbo cordreateer="1" |- | the SCORED_KEY and SCORan id="ED_KBI013"/>[[#YSBI013|EBI013]] | types in t[he datahttp://base. The ViewObjectImplWithScoredKeyBindVariabiemond.ble framework extenblogsipot.on clanl/2011/01/ss comentralizes t-he andy-code -foreq-youiur-managred ed-beans.html Someto w mork with the biore handynd variabl code oe forf type youoracle.jbo.dor main.Array. In this casmanage, its code ied Beans binding the SCORED_KEYS type (which is a TABLE Os ( ADF & JF SCORED_KEYSF )]) as {11.1.1.x]an 23-JArrayN-2011 ofSCORED_KEY [htytp://bipes. Bemoth the -hand EntityBasedSandy-coredEmployees view code-fobjects inherit this helper cor-yode furo-m this class. Thmanage setScoredKed-beysArray() method in the cueans.hstotmlm v [[imagiew e:infobject.png]]] |- | cla<sspan ofid="EBI012"/>[[#EBI012|EBI012]] |bot[h vttp://biew mond.objects callblogs pothe he.nlper /2009/03/somet-hod anewSdy-coredKeysAcode-forr-bay() ckin thg-be supercleanass to cres-adf.hatetml thSome Arrhandy cay of STRUCT and set the value of the view object'sode for back binding variable. It expect beans to( receiveADFa&ListJSFof)]Map objects, e{11.1.1.xpecting] each 14-MapAR-2009 int [he List o contain Map khttp://bieys "Scmore" and "Key". The view objects bond.bloth ugse the JDBC positiospot.nal binding nl/2009/03/stylome, i-handiy-cating thode (zer-foro-based) -backinteger position of the ing-bind variables beanas s-addif.htionaml [[il metadata mage:in forder to sti.png]]] |} ===Vall work wlidaith the btioind variable as a named bn and Busind variable in the view object API's.iness Run thle Testes=== Client clClick [[ADFSampleass sValidationto see |the results here]] of joining for in the stVatlic data with the EMP table. |} See also Steve Muench' [ and Busi undocumented 10.1.3.x sampness Rules] nr. 111les page
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