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ADF Samples - UI Components

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DVA001 Set Initial Focus component for Oracle ADF Faces {11.1.2] 11-APR-2012
LJE033 Generate IDs in all components in ADF Faces pages and fragments – to facilitate automated Selenium based testing {11.1.1.x] 21-SEP-2011
LJE021 Fun ADF challenge: showing the previous field in the tool tip for each form field {] 26-MAR-2011
ACC058 How-to use the optimized component search in Oracle ADF Faces {11.1.1.x] 30-SEP-2010
LBO001 Label Modifications and Persisting Resource Bundle Changes {11.1.1.x] 28-FEB-2010
ABA041 Custom Attribute to Pass ADF Button Key {11.1.1.x] 06-FEB-2010
JPU007 Reset the content of a web page {] 16-OCT-2009
JPU003 How to keep track of modified values of controls in a JSF application? {] 17-AUG-2009
LJE019 Use the Change(d) Indicator to make AJAX originated value refresh explicit to the user {11.1.1.x] 04-DEC-2008



ABA189 Important Hint for ADF BC Check Box Implementation {] 06-SEP-2012
SMU145 Using a CheckBox in an Editable Table with Boolean/Button Binding {] 13-JUL-2009 SCOTT schema
This example illustrates how to use the button binding (also known as the boolean binding) in an ADF Table to declaratively handle data entry an attribute whose valid values are one of two choices representing true/false, on/off, yes/no, etc. The CreateDeptWithFlagTable.sql creates a variant of the DEPT table named DEPT_WITH_FLAG that has one additional FLAG column whose valid values are "Y" or "N". The DeptWithFlag EO indicates a UI hint on its Flag attribute to indicate that it prefers to render as a "Checkbox". Dragging and dropping the DeptWithFlagView1 data collection from the data control palette as an "ADF Table", JDeveloper infers the correct selectBooleanCheckbox control for the Flag attribute. However, there is two additional (simple) steps required to make it work correctly in a table. First, using the overview editor for the pageDefinition, I created a new button binding named "Flag" for the Flag attribute, indicating the values of "Y" for selected and "N" for unselected. With the view1PageDef page definition as the active editor, I expanded the DeptWithFlagView1 tree binding, its nodeDefinition folder, and the AttrNames folder inside it to select the Flag attribute of the tree binding node definition. Then, using the Property Inspector, I set the value of the Binds property of this Flag attribute name element to "Flag" (without quotes), which references the name of the button binding created above.

See also Steve Muench' undocumented 10.1.3.x sample nr. 117

Dialog and Popup

THA015 JDeveloper Self Closing Popup {] 24-MAR-2013
Remake of Frank’s (Frank Nimphius) article How to auto-dismiss af:popup dialogs and the sample 105, using JDeveloper
ABA152 Opening ADF PopUp on Page Load {11.1.1.x] 10-MAR-2012
LJE035 Using popup for viewing and editing big fields {] 05-OCT-2011
ABA108 PopUpFetch Option for Property Listener {11.1.1.x] 30-APR-2011
ACC077 Handling the af:dialog Ok and CANCEL buttons {11.1.1.x] 29-MAR-2011
ACC027 Showing a glasspane and splash screen for long running queries {11.1.1.x] 30-JUL-2010
ABA061 Implementing Confirmation Choice List {11.1.1.x] 16-MAY-2010
LBO002 Popup and panelwindow: Open wikipedia in a modal popup {11.1.1.x] 30-APR-2010
LJE014 Details popping up all around us – Quick introduction to the ADF 11g Popup component {11.1.1.x] 28-OCT-2008

See also ADF Code Corner articles 035. How-to pass values from a parent page to a popup dialog and 041. How-to conditionally prevent dialogs from closing


DRM001 Show All / Hide All PanelBoxes {] 24-JUN-2012



DRM009 Conveyor Tabs Feature {] 15-MAY-2013
Shows how to enable thew new Skin based conveyor feature on panelTabbed and navigationPane visualizations.


Progress Bar


WVD001 Global DateTimeConverter without separators {] 29-JAN-2013
JSF/ADF/MyFaces DateTimeConverter that also accepts input without any separators and is installed as the default global converter


ACC102 How to dynamically enable or disable list items of an ADF bound select many checkbox component {] 26-JUN-2012
Sample shows how to dynamically enable or disable list items in an ADF bound list component by example of a select many checkbox


SMU151 Data-Driven af:selectOneChoice List Bound to a Managed Bean Property {] 17-SEP-2009 SCOTT schema
Page1.jspx in this example illustrates how to bind an af:selectOneChoice dropdown list to a session-scope managed bean property #{myBean.selectedDepartment}. Rather than using an ADF list binding (which is designed to target a row attribute or page definition variable), instead we create a table binding in the page definition (DeptView1) that is bound to the DeptView1Iterator iterator binding and which exposes the attributes we want to use for the label and value in the list of valid choices (Dname and Deptno, respectively). Nested inside the af:selectOneChoice an af:forEach loops over the List-valued rangeSet property that the table/range binding exposes, and create the select list items based on the data in the rows of the DeptView1Iterator (which is bound to the default rowset of the DeptView1 view object instance in the AppModule application module.



DSI011 Get ViewObject attributes programmatically and display in Shuttle component {] 21-MAY-2012
In this article, I'm trying to explain how can ViewObject attributes be read pro-grammatically and display these attributes in ADF Shuttle component.
ABA095 How to Retrieve ADF Select Many Shuttle Selection {11.1.1.x] 11-FEB-2011
ACC064 How-to implement a Select Many Shuttle with pre- selected values {11.1.1.x] 23-NOV-2010


DRM008 Custom label converter for inputNumberSlider and inputRangeSlider {] 03-MAY-2013
Shows how to use text labels rather than numbers on slider controls

Table, Tree and TreeTable

Click here for Table, Tree and TreeTable page


VIK001 Clickable Text Component {] 03-JAN-2013
A declarative component which shows the feature of performing any action on clicking on a output text component. Could be useful in requirements where you want to delete a tag in a tag cloud on simply clicking it.


LBO012 is one very smart toolbarbutton! {11.1.1.x] 10-AUG-2010


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