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Last updated January 07, 2014 07:50, by steven.davelaar
<h2>ADF Samples from Frédéric Desbiens</h2> [[ADFSamples | Main Table of Contents]] {| border="0" |- | <image src=""/> | [ LinkedIn]<br/> Blog: [ Blueberry Coder]<br/> Twitter: [ @BlueberryCoder] |} {| border="1" |- | <span id="FRD001"/>[[#FRD001|FRD001]] | [ ADF Mobile local database basic features] {] 17-MAY-2013 [ [[image:info.png]]] |- |||This sample shows how to initiate a local database from a DML script. It also demonstrates it is possible to bind the UI to a POJO Data Control that will fetch data from either a web service or the local database depending on the network connectivity available. |}
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