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ADF Samples from Jobinesh Purushothaman

Main Table of Contents

JPU085 Creating View Criteria having Exists clause at run time {] 08-MAY-2012
JPU084 Conditionally Resetting Task Flow Displayed In a Popup {] 13-APR-2012
JPU083 Filtering af:table Without Using ADF Model {] 14-MAR-2012
JPU082 Programmatically Starting Transaction in a Task Flow {] 22-FEB-2012
JPU081 dvt:pieGraph with GraphDataModel Sample {] 08-FEB-2012
JPU080 Displaying Transaction Log When User Commits a Transaction {] 12-JAN-2012
JPU079 Calling Application Module Methods from EJB and MDB {] 05-DEC-2011
JPU078 Validating The Entity Collection When You Commit the Transaction {] 09-OCT-2011
JPU077 Forcing Task Flow instances with Shared Data Control to use different view object instances {11.1.2] 14-SEP-2011
JPU076 Programmatically switching LOV queries at run time {11.1.2] 06-SEP-2011
JPU075 Long living Dynamic Business Components {11.1.2] 21-AUG-2011
JPU074 Clearing the stale messages from the previous request on client side validation error {11.1.2] 28-JUL-2011
JPU073 What you may need to know about the conditional activation of the task flow embedded in an <af:popup> ? {11.1.2] 07-JUL-2011
JPU072 Overriding <af:query> display at run time {11.1.2] 01-JUL-2011
JPU071 Building programmatically managed business components - Part 2 {11.1.2] 25-JUN-2011
JPU070 Declarative transaction support for your JPA data model {11.1.2] 16-JUN-2011
JPU069 Creating Task Flow bindings on the fly {11.1.2] 08-JUN-2011
JPU068 Soft deletion of rows {] 18-MAY-2011
JPU067 Modifying the Application Module's JDBC DataSource at run time {] 27-APR-2011
JPU066 Programmatically refreshing the child nodes of an <af:tree> {] 16-APR-2011
JPU065 Using JMS with ADF Business Components {] 12-APR-2011
JPU064 Initializing your Fusion Web Application Parameters at startup {] 08-APR-2011
JPU063 Programmatically resetting the <af:query> and search result table {] 05-APR-2011
JPU062 Displaying an edit dialog on double click of a table row {] 29-MAR-2011
JPU061 Customizing Business Components Error Messages {] 25-MAR-2011
JPU060 Programmatically disclosing nodes in a <af:tree> {] 19-MAR-2011
JPU059 Overriding ViewObjectImpl::rowQualifies(...) for in memory filtering of child nodes of a tree component {] 14-MAR-2011
JPU058 Using <af:quickQuery> component for filtering child nodes of a tree {] 12-MAR-2011
JPU057 What you may need to know about pagination support in EJB and JavaBean Data Control {] 10-MAR-2011
JPU056 Initializing the bind variables used for an LOV query {] 07-MAR-2011
JPU055 Overriding Control Hints of a View Object on the fly {] 22-FEB-2011
JPU054 Creating Custom History Types {] 02-FEB-2011
JPU053 Customizing the <af:query> component display by overriding CriteriaItemAttributeHints {] 22-JAN-2011
JPU052 Declaratively setting the current row key in a ViewObject {] 09-JAN-2011
JPU051 Updating supporting business data before committing the transaction {] 24-DEC-2010
JPU050 Programmatically disclosing a ShowDetailItem in a <af:panelTabbed> {] 17-DEC-2010
JPU049 Sorting a Transient ViewObject {] 08-DEC-2010
JPU048 Using oracle.jbo.domain.Array with ViewCriteria {] 02-DEC-2010
JPU047 An example of clickListener implementation for <dvt:barGraph> {] 22-NOV-2010
JPU046 Triggering Navigation from a Contextual Event Handler Method {] 18-NOV-2010
JPU045 Layout Tips - Organizing page content using <trh:tableLayout> {] 12-NOV-2010
JPU044 Converting user input to uppercase {] 03-NOV-2010
JPU043 Preventing user input on a fusion web page when the server is busy {] 15-OCT-2010
JPU042 Creating View Criteria having Bind Variables at run time {] 12-OCT-2010
JPU041 Building a custom event dispatcher for Contextual Events {] 16-SEP-2010
JPU040 Using bind variable for the SQL statements with IN clause {] 09-SEP-2010
JPU039 Undoing changes using Middle Tier Savepoints {] 08-SEP-2010
JPU038 Annotate your ApplicationModule to persist complex objects during passivation {] 02-SEP-2010
JPU037 <af:progressIndicator> example {] 31-AUG-2010
JPU036 A composite ViewObject based on multiple data sources {] 20-AUG-2010
JPU035 Customizing the order of posting changes to database {] 17-AUG-2010
JPU034 Refresh the parent view when a taskflow displayed in a popup returns {] 12-AUG-2010
JPU033 XML for Queried Data {] 10-AUG-2010
JPU032 Posting a JSF page to Servlet {] 06-AUG-2010
JPU031 A short cut to display row numbers for each record on UI {] 30-JUL-2010
JPU030 Enabling LOVs for Dynamic ViewObject attributes {] 26-JUL-2010
JPU029 Running ApplicationModule using an external JDBC connection {] 09-JUL-2010
JPU028 Decorate UI with view row Attribute's User Interface hints {] 30-JUN-2010
JPU027 Style your application in your own way! {] 28-JUN-2010
JPU026 Model driven approach for building Dynamic UI {] 16-JUN-2010
JPU025 Accessing Resource Bundles from a ViewObject {] 14-JUN-2010
JPU024 Create row on a clickToEdit table {] 10-JUN-2010
JPU023 Conditional rendering of editor components for a clickToEdit table {] 28-MAY-2010
JPU022 Displaying an empty table ! {] 15-MAY-2010
JPU021 CRUD operations on a tree table {] 11-MAY-2010
JPU020 Invoking ApplicationModule from a servlet using ADF Model {] 13-APR-2010
JPU019 Custom <af:train> model {] 07-APR-2010
JPU018 Using transient attributes to improve the usability of Query Panel {] 18-MAR-2010
JPU017 A sample ADF BC application based on StoredProcedure {] 09-FEB-2010
JPU016 Customizing the execution of <af:fileDownloadActionListener> to validate user input {] 20-JAN-2010
JPU015 Search by child attributes on a tree table {] 15-JAN-2010
JPU014 Conditionally displaying search form parameters {] 22-DEC-2009
JPU013 Customizing ELResolver to intercept the evaluation of ADF binding values {] 11-DEC-2009
JPU012 ViewObject based on 'pivot query' {] 05-DEC-2009
JPU011 Creating a Data Capture Form using EJB + JPA and ADF Binding {] 27-NOV-2009
JPU010 Displaying pre-executed query result in a search form {] 20-NOV-2009
JPU009 Accessing web tier variable values from the business components in a groovy way {] 08-NOV-2009
JPU008 Entity Object based on a PL/SQL Package API {] 18-OCT-2009
JPU007 Reset the content of a web page {] 16-OCT-2009
JPU006 Decorate JSF managed bean with custom Annotations {] 28-SEP-2009
JPU005 Format date for a Locale {] 17-SEP-2009
JPU004 How to Skip Validation? {] 22-AUG-2009
JPU003 How to keep track of modified values of controls in a JSF application? {] 17-AUG-2009
JPU002 Tips on LOV Runtime {] 05-AUG-2009
JPU001 Programmatically publishing Contextual Events {] 31-JUL-2009
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