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ADF Samples from Steven Davelaar

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SDA015 How to Use a Custom Data Control Bean Definition {] 17-JUN-2014
You can register a subclass of oracle.adf.model.adapter.bean.BeanDCDefinition in the ImplDef property of the AdapterDataControl element in DataControls.dcx. If you do this and restart JDeveloper, the data control shows up as an empty node in the data control palette. This sample contains a JDeveloper extension that you can install which solves that problem and will show your data control correctly again.
SDA014 ADF Mobile – Preserving the Current Row Across Pages {] 13-JUN-2014
This sample shows an elegant and fast way to preserve row currency across pages, which also prepares for a future release of ADF Mobile where this will be a native feature.
SDA013 Error Handling in ADF Mobile {] 13-JUN-2013
This sample shows how you should handle errors differently in the main thread and in a background thread, and how you show error messages in the language of the user
SDA012 Filtering Data Push Streams in the User Interface {] 17-JAN-2013
This sample application uses Oracle ADF Active Data Services (ADS) to demonstrate how you can subscribe to specific data push streams in the user interface. The sample zip file contains a readme file that explains the structure of the project.
SDA011 Understanding the JSF Lifecycle and ADF Optimized Lifecycle {] 20-DEC-2012
SDA010 setPropertyListener and setActionListener might fire too late when using Facelets! {11.1.2] 20-JUL-2012
SDA009 Programmatically expanding and collapsing an af:panelSplitter {] 12-JUL-2012
SDA008 Control-Break Style ADF Table - Comparing Values with Previous Row {] 04-JUN-2012
SDA007 Sorting and Filtering By Model-Based LOV Display Value {] 30-MAY-2012
SDA006 UIShell with Dynamic Tabs (11g R2) {11.1.2] 07-OCT-2011
SDA005 UIShell with Dynamic Tabs (11g R1) {] 07-OCT-2011
SDA004 UIShell with Menu Driving a Dynamic Region (11g R2) {11.1.2] 07-JUL-2011
SDA003 UIShell with Menu Driving a Dynamic Region (11g R1) {] 07-JUL-2011
SDA002 Mapping Multiple FocusViewId's with XMLMenuModel {11.1.1.x] 16-APR-2009
SDA001 Abandoning a Bounded Taskflow with Stand-Alone Pages {11.1.1.x] 02-APR-2009
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