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ADF Samples - General

Main Table of Contents

ADF Mobile

ABA220 ADF Mobile - Device Native Database Access and Usage {] 11-JAN-2013
ABA214 ADF Mobile - Geo Location Synchronization {] 18-DEC-2012
ABA212 ADF Mobile - Geo Location and Google Maps App {] 11-DEC-2012
ABA210 ADF Mobile - Implementing Reusable Mobile Architecture {] 04-DEC-2012
ABA207 ADF Mobile - Live on iPhone Device {] 26-NOV-2012
ABA206 ADF Mobile - Secured Web Service Access {] 23-NOV-2012
ABA200 ADF Mobile - Login Functionality {] 30-OCT-2012
DJT001 ADF Mobile Public Samples {] 22-OCT-2012
This batch of samples are actually included with the ADF Mobile extension. The link to the blog article describes each sample in a little more detail, including what each one is intending to show and how to use it.
ABA129 iPhone Web Application Development With ADF Mobile Browser {11.1.1.x] 30-OCT-2011

ADF Security

Click here for ADF Security page

Application Structuring and Integration

BPM Integration

ABA188 Generic ADF 11g Human Task Handler Concept for Oracle BPM {] 30-AUG-2012
ABA179 Lightweight ADF Task Flow for BPM Human Tasks Overview {] 22-JUL-2012
ABA177 Tips & Tricks How to Run Oracle BPM 11g PS5 Workspace from Custom ADF 11g Application {] 14-JUL-2012
ABA176 Running Oracle BPM 11g PS5 Worklist Task Flow and Human Task Form on Non-SOA Domain {] 09-JUL-2012
ABA174 ADF 11g PS5 Application with Customized BPM Worklist Task Flow (MDS Seeded Customization) {] 27-JUN-2012
ABA142 ADF Data Control Fix for BPM 11g Human Tasks {] 05-JAN-2012
EBI015 Working with the Human WorkList api and create your own WorkList application {11.1.1.x] 26-OCT-2011
ABA082 Initializing Oracle BPM 11g Process Payload from Oracle ADF 11g {11.1.1.x] 28-OCT-2010

Contextual Events

ABA221 Fragment Template to Fragment Communication with ADF Contextual Events {] 15-JAN-2013
DVA006 Using contextual events to refresh Bean Data Controliterator in Oracle ADF {] 05-JUL-2012
ACC068 How-to solve the known range change event problem in ADF contextual events {11.1.1.x] 16-JAN-2011
LBO016 Drag’n Drop and Contextual Events, no sample app {11.1.1.x] 28-DEC-2010
JPU046 Triggering Navigation from a Contextual Event Handler Method {] 18-NOV-2010
ABA081 Contextual Events Framework and ADF 11g Dynamic Regions {11.1.1.x] 17-OCT-2010
JPU041 Building a custom event dispatcher for Contextual Events {] 16-SEP-2010
CMU003 Programmatic Contextual Events {version] 08-AUG-2010
ACC017 How-to invoke contextual events from a DVT graph component {11.1.1.x] 11-MAR-2010
JPU001 Programmatically publishing Contextual Events {] 31-JUL-2009

See also ADF Region and Task Flow Communication

Customization and Personalization

ABA157 Red Samurai MDS Cleaner V2.0 {11.1.1.x] 02-APR-2012
ABA122 Making It Work Together - MDS User and Seeded Customizations {11.1.1.x] 01-SEP-2011
JPU075 Long living Dynamic Business Components {11.1.2] 21-AUG-2011
ABA079 Exporting/Importing MDS Metadata and Promoting MDS Labels for Oracle ADF 11g and Oracle WebCenter 11g Applications {11.1.1.x] 01-OCT-2010
ABA078 Advanced MDS Management for Oracle ADF 11g and Oracle WebCenter 11g Applications {11.1.1.x] 29-SEP-2010
ABA077 Applying Personalization and Customization in Oracle ADF 11g and Oracle WebCenter 11g {11.1.1.x] 22-AUG-2010
ACC031 Metadata Services (MDS) Example: Power User vs. Normal User {11.1.1.x] 21-JUN-2010
ABA018 Persisting Query Criteria Results Across Sessions with Oracle MDS {11.1.1.x] 30-SEP-2009
ABA017 User Customizations for Duration of Session in Oracle ADF 11g {11.1.1.x] 27-SEP-2009
LJE002 Persisted run time user UI personalization or: Impatient man's MDS {11.1.1.x] 09-JAN-2009

See also Steve Muench' undocumented 10.1.3.x samples nr. 131

Data Push

SDA012 Filtering Data Push Streams in the User Interface {] 17-JAN-2013
This sample application uses Oracle ADF Active Data Services (ADS) to demonstrate how you can subscribe to specific data push streams in the user interface. The sample zip file contains a readme file that explains the structure of the project.
ABA209 Active Data Registration Error in ADF (Some Bugs Never Die) {] 30-NOV-2012
DVA007 Building a Simple Chat Application with Active Data Service and JSF2 AJAX in Oracle ADF {] 28-JUL-2012
LJE043 Notifying ADF applications of database changes – fast and lean using Active Data Service for Server to Client Push – Part Two {] 19-JUN-2012
LJE042 Notifying ADF applications of database changes – fast and lean using Database Query Result Change Notification – Part One {] 18-JUN-2012
LJE036 ADF Faces: Handle task in background process and show real time progress indicator for asynchronous job using Server Push in ADF {] 19-OCT-2011
ACC065 Active Data Service Sample - Twitter Client {11.1.1.x] 01-DEC-2010
SMU156 Use AutoRefresh VO in Shared AM with Optimized Polling to Show Latest Data in a Table {] 26-DEC-2009
This example illustrates how to use an Auto-Refresh view object in a shared application module to display the latest database changes in a table without eagerly requerying the view object. The DeptView view object has its AutoRefresh property set to true and the Model project defines a shared application module instance named AppModule on the Business Components > Application Module Instances panel of the project properties. The AppModuleDataControl entry in the dataControlUsages section of the DataBindings.cpx file in the ViewController project has been configured to use the AppModuleShared configuration so that the UI works with a shared application module instance. As an optimization, the DeptView view object overrides the processDatabaseChangeNotification() method to keep track of the System.currentTimeMillis() in a local member field. The view object's getLastRequery() is exposed on the client interface and is accessed by the DepartmentPage backing bean's via a method action binding. That bean's onPollTimerExpired() method only bothers to add the table UI component as a partial target if the time the view object was last requeried is greater than the time the table was last PPR'd (which it tracks in a viewScope attribute). To try the demo, run the Departments.jspx page. If you'd like try accessing the same page from several different browsers (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) to simulate multiple, distinct user sessions. In SQL Plus (or the JDeveloper SQL Developer worksheet window) try insert, updating, or deleting rows in the DEPT table and committing the changes. Sometime in the next 15 seconds, the different browser user's should update to reflect the changes automatically.
EBI007 ADF Data push with Active Data Service {] 05-DEC-2009


ABA218 My ADF Sample Apps Live in Oracle Java Cloud {] 31-DEC-2012
ABA193 ADF Essentials - Quick Technical Review {] 25-SEP-2012
SSH001 GlassFish Extension for JDeveloper {] 24-SEP-2012
A sample extension that adds icons and menus to start/stop GlassFish, also adds a properties panel for configuration storing. Can be used as the base for other extensions.
ABA183 Resolving Invalid ADF BC Library Import in JDeveloper 11g R2 {] 05-AUG-2012
THA004 ADF: How to find out which ADF version is installed on a manged WebLogic server {] 05-FEB-2012
Find out which ADF Runtime is installed on a WebLogic Server without access to a command console on the server. This sample uses a WebService to print out the ADF Runtime Version installed on a WebLogic Server.
ABA139 How to set EAR Version for ADF Application on WebLogic {11.1.1.x] 21-DEC-2011
ABA111 Target MDS Repository for ADF Applications Deployment {11.1.1.x] 15-MAY-2011
ABA107 Strange Day - ADF Library Profile Dependency Deployment Problem {11.1.1.x] 27-APR-2011
JPU064 Initializing your Fusion Web Application Parameters at startup {] 08-APR-2011
ABA084 Few Hints about ADF 11g Web Deployment Profiles {11.1.1.x] 10-NOV-2010
ABA074 Redeploy and Version ADF Shared Libraries on WLS {11.1.1.x] 18-JUL-2010
ABA073 Deploying ADF Applications as Shared Libraries on WLS {11.1.1.x] 14-JUL-2010
ABA027 Building and Integrating Oracle ADF 11g Applications with OjDeploy Utility {11.1.1.x] 19-NOV-2009
ABA015 Manual Oracle ADF Application Deployment on WLS with JDBC DataSource {11.1.1.x] 20-SEP-2009
ABA006 Oracle ADF BC Deployment and Imported Libraries {11.1.1.x] 17-JUL-2009

File Upload and Download

THA003 JDev11. Handling images/files in ADF (Part 1-3) {] 26-NOV-2011
The goal of this sample is to show how to upload a file from a client to the server, store the data on the server, make it available for later retrieval and show the data in the user interface (form and table).


LJE044 Creating reusable ADF Library with generic live resource bundle editing functionality and reusing it in any ADF application {] 18-AUG-2012
This sample introduces functionality to centralize management of boilerplate text elements such as prompt, title, hint text and messages in resource bundles. This also allows for language or user group and other context sensitive values for these boilerplate text elements. The resource bundles are backed by database tables, refreshed at run time and even editable from within the JSF application itself. The sample includes an approach that allows for live page editing with minimal impact on the page itself – through run time UI component tree manipulation. The code for handling the live editing and dealing with the resource bundles (generic functionality) can be isolated in a separate ADF application, deployed to an ADF Library and reused in one or many different ADF applications.
JPU025 Accessing Resource Bundles from a ViewObject {] 14-JUN-2010
ABA033 Reusing Resource Bundles from Different Projects in ADF 11g {11.1.1.x] 17-DEC-2009
JPU005 Format date for a Locale {] 17-SEP-2009
ABA004 Oracle ADF and International Characters {11.1.1.x] 26-JUN-2009
EBI005 Change language / Locale in ADF {11.1.1.x] 25-FEB-2009

List of Values and Select Lists

Click here for List of Values and Select Lists page


DRM003 Code Templates for the ADF Logger {11.1.x] 11-JUL-2012
Shortcut templates for the JDeveloper Java code editor to create common code statements needed to use the ADF Logger

Maven Integration


Message Handling

LBO003 Quicky 3 : Adding Error, Info and Warning messages {11.1.1.x] 03-OCT-2011
JPU074 Clearing the stale messages from the previous request on client side validation error {11.1.2] 28-JUL-2011
JPU061 Customizing Business Components Error Messages {] 25-MAR-2011
ABA062 Differences of Handling JboException in Oracle ADF {11.1.1.x] 18-MAY-2010
ABA058 Handling Exceptions in Oracle UI Shell and ADF Dynamic Regions {11.1.1.x] 02-MAY-2010
SMU144 Customizing Application Error Handler to Support Informational Messages {] 20-MAR-2009 Scott schema
The base ADF product only distinguishes between warnings and errors, so there is no default way to get a JSF message with severity of INFO. This example includes a CustomErrorHandler class that implements handling for informational messages. The addInformationMessageTest() method in the AppModule custom java class adds an informational message by using the addWarning() API, passing a custom subtype of JboWarning called InformationalMessage. Due to the way warnings are wrapped before they are passed to the custom error handler's getDisplayMessage() method by the ADF framework, the InformationalMessage constructor sets a value into the error parameters that the CustomErrorHandler uses to recognize the warning subtype as an informational message. The overridden getDisplayMessage() method in the error handler class detects whether the exception is an informational warning, and if it is, it adds an informational message to the FacesContext. It uses the setProperty() and getProperty() API of the JboWarning object to set a flag it can use to detect whether the exception has already been reported by this custom mechanism. This is required because ADF will invoke the getDisplayMessage() two times for each exception reported, later only one of which gets reported to the user. Run the Page.jspx to try the example. To see an error be reported, enter a salary of 5002 and click (Next). To try a warning, enter a salary of 5001 and click (Next). To see an informational message, click the (addInformationMessageTest) button. Notice that the custom error handler class is declaratively configured via the ErrorClass attribute on the root element of the DataBindings.cpx file (which shows as the ErrorClass property of the root element in the Property Inspector.

See also Steve Muench' undocumented 10.1.3.x samples 101, 107, 108, 130

Performance Tuning

ABA199 LOV Validation and Programmatic Row Insert Performance {] 27-OCT-2012
ABA194 ADF 11g R2 WebLogic 10.3.5 vs ADF Essentials Glassfish 3.1 Performance Test {] 13-OCT-2012
ABA182 ADF BC Passivation/Activation and SQL Execution Tuning {] 02-AUG-2012
ABA175 Immediate Effect for ADF Table Content Delivery {] 29-JUN-2012
ABA168 How To Disable SELECT COUNT Execution for ADF Table Rendering {11.1.1.x] 26-MAY-2012
ABA165 View Link Accessor Usage Performance Side Effect {11.1.1.x] 13-MAY-2012
ABA159 Comparing Number of SQL Executions to get LOV Description With Entity Association Available {11.1.1.x] 15-APR-2012
ABA158 Bad Practice Use Case for LOV Performance Implementation in ADF BC {11.1.1.x] 04-APR-2012
ABA136 Tuning ADF Tree - Retain View Link Accessor Rowset {11.1.1.x] 11-DEC-2011
ABA132 Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications - Do Connection Pooling and TXN Disconnect Level {11.1.1.x] 16-NOV-2011
ABA131 Stress Testing Oracle ADF BC Applications - Internal Connections {11.1.1.x] 08-NOV-2011
ABA128 Experimenting with ADF BC Application Module Pool Tuning {11.1.1.x] 29-OCT-2011
ABA126 ADF BC Tuning with Do Connection Pooling and TXN Disconnect Level {11.1.1.x] 15-OCT-2011
ABA125 How To Speed Up Application Undeployment in JDeveloper 11g R2 {11.1.2] 25-SEP-2011
CMU006 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – the power of Facelets – part 3 {11.1.2] 21-JUN-2011
CMU004 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – immediate activation - part 1 {] 20-JUN-2011
CMU005 JDev – af:showDetailItems and af:regions – programmatic activation - part 2 {] 20-JUN-2011
ABA097 ADF Faces PopUp 11g PS3 Performance Improvements {] 18-FEB-2011
ABA092 ADF 11g Performance Tuning - Select One Choice and Combo Box with List of Values {11.1.1.x] 09-JAN-2011
ABA088 Oracle ADF BC 11g Tuning for Immediate Row Level Locking {11.1.1.x] 01-DEC-2010
ABA080 How To Reduce Database Connections and Reuse ViewController Layer {11.1.1.x] 09-OCT-2010
ABA070 ADF Regions and Nested Application Modules to Improve Performance {11.1.1.x] 19-JUN-2010
ABA066 Oracle WebTier 11g Configuration for ADF 11g Applications {11.1.1.x] 02-JUN-2010
ABA042 Optimizing Oracle ADF Application Pool {11.1.1.x] 14-FEB-2010
ABA005 Improving Performance in ADF Applications - Page Load Time in CRUD Forms {11.1.1.x] 05-JUL-2009

Quality Assurance


THA008 JDeveloper: access resources from the applications jar or classpath in the Model or ViewController {] 02-AUG-2012
This sample shows how to read resources, which are part of the applications classpath and are deployed with the application.

Rest Service Integration

EBI016 ITunes Rest Service {] 27-JUN-2012
ITunesRestClient calls an apple ITunes rest service on which you can search any type of music. The Rest service returns json. For this the application uses jersey jax-rs ( calling the rest service ) and gson ( convert json to java entities ) This application has an ADF DataControl on this rest pojo client plus an ADF search panel, results displayed in a table + a preview window where you can listen or watch the music

Searching and Sorting and Filtering Data

Click here for Searching and Sorting and Filtering Data page

Servlet Integration

User Interface Patterns

Click here for User Interface Patterns page

Utility Code

Validation and Business Rules

Click here for Validation and Business Rules page

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