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ADF Samples - Searching and Sorting and Filtering Data

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DRM004 Auto-Reduce Query Results List with Pagination {11.1.1.x] 14-JUL-2012
Sample showing auto-reducing query results based on keystrokes in the search field
DSI020 Bean Data Control - Create Simple Search Form {] 12-JUL-2012
In Oracle ADF, search form can be created with BC4J/EJB model using "View Criteria/Named Criteria" by dropping "af:query" component in view layer. Here in this article, I'm trying to build simple search form based on bean data control.
THA006 JDeveloper ADF af:query Component: How to Toggle Display Modes {] 01-JUL-2012
This sample shows how to toggle between 'basic' and 'advanced' mode for an af:query component.
DSI018 Simulate JPA Dynamic Query Using View Criteria {] 25-JUN-2012
Recently I'm working in an application where JPA entity has a named query with parameters passed to that query and exposed as EJB data control, here parameter is passed dynamically at run time. Now same data control is dropped as ADF table, where user can add new rows to the table and perform merge/persist operations.
THA005 JDeveloper: Fitler Table on Transient Column {] 17-JUN-2012
The use case is that a entity (EO) based view object (VO) is shown as a editable table on a page. One column should show a checkbox which is used to select rows on the VO. On an user action, a button pressed in this sample, the selected rows should be displayed in another table (read only in this case).
ABA171 ADF Query Search and Results Form {11.1.1.x] 12-JUN-2012
SDA007 Sorting and Filtering By Model-Based LOV Display Value {] 30-MAY-2012
PLI002 Google-like Search and LOVs using Oracle Text and ViewCriteria {] 28-MAY-2012
JPU085 Creating View Criteria having Exists clause at run time {] 08-MAY-2012
DSI004 EJB Named Criteria - Apply bind variable in Backingbean {] 01-MAY-2012
EJB Named criteria are predefined and reusable where-clause definitions that are dynamically applied to a ViewObject query. Here we often use to filter the ViewObject SQL statement query based on Where Clause conditions.
ABA161 Bug in ADF 11g R2 View Criteria Bind Variable Timestamp Type Configuration {11.1.2] 25-APR-2012
DSI002 Achieve Named Criteria with multiple tables in EJB Data control {] 21-APR-2012
In EJB create a named criteria using sparse xml and in named criteria wizard, only attributes related to the that particular entities will be displayed. So here we can filter results only on particular entity bean.
ABA160 How to Search in Range with Single ADF Query Field {11.1.1.x] 21-APR-2012
JPU083 Filtering af:table Without Using ADF Model {] 14-MAR-2012
ACC098 How-to use multi select components in table filters {] 28-FEB-2012
ACC092 ADF Web Service results for in-memory filtering {11.1.1.x] 31-OCT-2011
THA002 JDev: How to reset a filter on an af:table {] 29-OCT-2011
The sample shows how to reset a filter for an af:table
THA001 JDev: How to reset or undo a af:table sort {] 27-OCT-2011
The sample shows how to undo or reset a sort applied to an af:table
LBO005 Query Component with 'dynamic' view criteria {11.1.1.x] 18-OCT-2011
ABA120 Proactively Controlling ADF Query Execution with Estimated Row Count {11.1.1.x] 24-AUG-2011
ABA119 How to Control Long SQL Execution Time in ADF BC with VO Timeout {11.1.1.x] 10-AUG-2011
ACC085 af:query component complex field validation {11.1.1.x] 06-JUL-2011
JPU072 Overriding <af:query> display at run time {11.1.2] 01-JUL-2011
LBO019 Implementing Search for Multiple Attributes of a View Object {11.1.1.x] 05-APR-2011
JPU063 Programmatically resetting the <af:query> and search result table {] 05-APR-2011
JPU059 Overriding ViewObjectImpl::rowQualifies(...) for in memory filtering of child nodes of a tree component {] 14-MAR-2011
JPU058 Using <af:quickQuery> component for filtering child nodes of a tree {] 12-MAR-2011
LBO018 Adding a Keystroke Filter to an ADF Shuttle Component {] 18-FEB-2011
JPU053 Customizing the <af:query> component display by overriding CriteriaItemAttributeHints {] 22-JAN-2011
ACC067 How-to create a query form in a popup dialog {11.1.1.x] 11-JAN-2011
JPU052 Declaratively setting the current row key in a ViewObject {] 09-JAN-2011
SMU160 Conditionally Auto-Executing af:query Search Form Based on User Input {] 31-DEC-2010
JPU049 Sorting a Transient ViewObject {] 08-DEC-2010
JPU048 Using oracle.jbo.domain.Array with ViewCriteria {] 02-DEC-2010
LBO015 Change a Viewobjects’ Query on the Fly {11.1.1.x] 26-NOV-2010
ACC061 How-to text search in a rendered ADF bound tree {11.1.1.x] 14-OCT-2010
JPU042 Creating View Criteria having Bind Variables at run time {] 12-OCT-2010
ACC059 How-to filter ADF bound tables by date range {] 06-OCT-2010
ACC016 How-to customize the ADF Faces Table Filter {11.1.1.x] 03-AUG-2010
ACC054 Search form using ADF WS Data Control and Complex input types {11.1.1.x] 18-JUN-2010
ABA065 Use Case: View Criteria Conditionally Query-able Attribute {11.1.1.x] 29-MAY-2010
ABA063 Yes-No Check Box in Query Criteria {11.1.1.x] 22-MAY-2010
JPU018 Using transient attributes to improve the usability of Query Panel {] 18-MAR-2010
ABA049 Applying View Criteria from Application Module {11.1.1.x] 13-MAR-2010
ABA040 Default Value for Date Field in Query Criteria {11.1.1.x] 04-FEB-2010
JPU015 Search by child attributes on a tree table {] 15-JAN-2010
SMU158 Performing Custom View Criteria Item Search Form Validation {] 26-DEC-2009
ABA034 View Criteria Inside ADF Library {11.1.1.x] 23-DEC-2009
JPU014 Conditionally displaying search form parameters {] 22-DEC-2009
JPU010 Displaying pre-executed query result in a search form {] 20-NOV-2009
SMU150 Filter a Tree Showing Necessary Parent Nodes for Matches {] 15-SEP-2009 SCOTT schema
ABA012 Programmatical Reset for Query Results {11.1.1.x] 06-SEP-2009
SMU146 Programmatically Manipulating a Table's QBE Filter Fields {] 14-AUG-2009 SCOTT schema
SMU139 Making String Attributes Use the 'StartsWith' Operator in QuickQuery {] 12-DEC-2008
SMU136 a Checkbox to Toggle a Custom SQL Predicate on an LOV's Search Form {] 19-NOV-2008
SMU135 Using the queryPerformed Property of the Search Binding to Show a 'No Records Found' Message {] 09-NOV-2008
ACC030 How-to intercept and modify table filter values {11.1.1.x] 15-APR-2008
ACC046 Building a search form that displays the results in a task flow {11.1.1.x] 03-APR-2008
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