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Last updated January 14, 2013 10:49, by steven.davelaar

Adding Your Own Samples to ADF Samples Wiki

The ADF samples wiki pages are auto-generated using the ADF Samples Application (ASA) that is developed and used by the administrators of this project. To allow for automated load of your samples please use the template in this email link to send us your samples.

Here is some hint text to fill in the email template:

  <Initials>Three letters in uppercase, typically first letter first name, first and second letter last name</Initials>
  <Name>Your full name</Name>
  <BlogName>Name of your blog</BlogName>
  <BlogLink>Link to your blog</BlogLink>
  <PhotoLink>Link to a photo</PhotoLink>
  <LinkedinLink>Link to your LinkedIn account</LinkedinLink>
    <Title>Title of the sample</Title>
    <InfoLink>Link to a blog post or article that describes the sample</InfoLink>
    <DownloadLink>Link to download the sample source code. See also Storing Your Samples in ADF EMG Samples Project .</DownloadLink>
    <RunLink>Link to run the sample, if you deployed the sample on a public server, for example in the Oracle cloud.</RunLink>
    <JDeveloperVersion>The version of JDeveloper used to create the sample, use the exact version number for example or</JDeveloperVersion>
    <DatePublished>Date the sample was published using format DD-MON-YY, for example 12-JUN-12</DatePublished>
    <Description>Description of the sample, can be used if no InfoLink is available</Description>

If you are sending your first sample, then please fill in all author information in the email template. If you already have samples on the wiki page, you only need to specify your initials in the author section. If you have multiple samples, you can send them in the same email, just copy the <Sample> section to add more samples.

Note that It might take a couple of days before your sample has been added to the wiki pages.

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