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Last updated June 22, 2012 21:28, by steven.davelaar

Storing Your Samples in ADF EMG Samples Project

The source code of the samples can be hosted in this project as well, using the SVN repository. The advantage of having all samples as much as possible stored in this project is that we will not have broken links when an author moves his blog to another location. In addition, you can easily download all samples at once using the SVN update command.

Here are the steps to store your own samples in this project:

  • Request Content Developer permission for this project.
  • Install a SubVersion client on your machine, for example TortoiseSVN
  • Create a folder on your machine where you want to create the ADF Samples repository
  • Right-mouse-click on this folder and choose SVN Checkout...
  • Enter following repository URL:
  • Click OK. All existing samples will be downloaded
  • Copy your own sample(s) to the same directory
  • Use SVN Commit command to add your own samples.
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