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<updates version="1.0" xmlns="">
   <update id="" xmlns="">
      <name>ADF EMG Mobile Extensions</name>
      <author>ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (Steven Davelaar)</author>
      <description>Lightweight persistence and data synchronization framework that works on top of Oracle ADF Mobile. It allows you to persist your 
domain object model to a local SQLite database on your mobile device as well as to a remote datasource with a mimimum of Java coding. 
The framework ships with a number of local and remote persistence providers, and you can easily plug in your own custom persistence provider if needed.  
When you have configured a remote persistence provider, and you are making data changes in offline mode, those data changes will be stored as 
pending data sync actions that will be synchronized with the remote server once the device is online again.
To map your domain object model to database tables, a mapping XML file is used. 
This mapping XML file is created by using a standard wizard available in JDeveloper: "Create Java Objects from Tables"
         <requires-extension id="oracle.j2ee" minVersion="" maxVersion=""/>
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