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Solaris Desktop Software

The Solaris Desktop has evolved over the past 3 decades from SunView on SunOS, through OpenWindows and CDE, to the current incarnation, based on open source software from GNOME and Mozilla.

Solaris 11.1 Desktop Documentation

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= Solaris Desktop WikiSoftware = The Solar = This iis Desktop has evolved over the past 3 decades from [ the defaulunView SunView on SunOS], through [https://en.wikipedia.t homorg/wiki/OpenWindows OpenWindows] and [ page fesktop_Environmentor y CDE], to the currentour p incarnatirojon, based on open source sofect'tware from [ GNOME] and [https://www.mozs Mozlla]i. Th. == Solaris wi11.1 Deskitop Documentation == * [ Oracle Solari uses Ms 11.1 Desktop User's Guide] * [ Orediawacle Solaris 11 Desktop Accessibilityiki f Guide] * [ Oracle Solaris 11.1 Desktop Adminisrator's Guide] * [ html Optimizing the Oracle Solaris 11 Desktop for a Multi-User Environment ]
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