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Source code revision


summary: 2009-09-11 Harry Fu
revision: 21461
author: funix
date: 2009-09-11 08:27:08 UTC (6 years)
message: 2009-09-11 Harry Fu

po-sun/gdm/po-sun/*.po: Update translations for the new locale names.
patches/gdm-12-newlocales.diff: Add 28 new locales.
closed/SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec: Add symbol links for the new locales.
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M ChangeLog
M closed/SUNWzz-gnome-l10n.spec
A patches/gdm-12-newlocales.diff
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/cs.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/de.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/es.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/fr.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/hu.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/it.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/ja.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/ko.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/pl.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/pt_BR.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/ru.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/sv.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/zh_CN.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/zh_HK.po
M po-sun/gdm/po-sun/zh_TW.po
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