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Re: 'is not tagged aslr'

  • From: Mike Sullivan < >
  • To: 유현상 < >, ,
  • Subject: Re: 'is not tagged aslr'
  • Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2013 10:46:51 -0700

On 10/03/13 05:33, 유현상 wrote:

Thanks to Norm jacobs

btw, I think there's a better alias to use than the commits alias, which is really
just for push notifications. looks like it.

I solved it by your opinion ( CANONICAL_REPO=... )

be aware that internally that points to much newer bits for us so
there may be other issues lurking when you point it at the older
ones. we certainly aren't testing that.

But I got other errors.

ERROR userland.action001.5 '/home/yoohs/userland3/components/openscap/build/prototype/i386/usr/bin/oscap' is not tagged for aslr

ERROR userland.action001.5 '/home/yoohs/userland3/components/openscap/build/prototype/i386/usr/lib/openscap/probe_dnscache' is not tagged for aslr

ERROR userland.action001.5 '/home/yoohs/userland3/components/openscap/build/prototype/i386/usr/lib/openscap/probe_environmentvariable' is not tagged for aslr


so I inputed as follows: 'ASLR_MODE=$(ASLR_ENABLE)' in Makefile both /userland and /<project folder>.

but Errors is still displayed.

those aren't actually trying to make sure aslr is enabled, they want to make sure it's been
tagged  at all. it's an error if SUNW_ASLR is not present:

{mlsulliv:yavin:329} elfdump /usr/bin/ls | grep ASLR
     [39]  SUNW_ASLR       0x2        ENABLE

if it's there but not enabled you'd just get a warning. that's part of our extensions in:


the build forces it to be at minimum disabled, but probably through linker variables that
you might not have if you're building on s11 (not sure when/if they got ported back),
which is probably the problem.

the simplest thing to do might be to disable pkglint for now

    gmake PKGLINT=/bin/true publish


have you any idea ?

Thank you:D

Computer Engineering, Chungnam National University Grade 4.

Yoo-hyun sang.

'is not tagged aslr'

유현상 10/03/2013

Re: 'is not tagged aslr'

Mike Sullivan 10/03/2013

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Yeah I succeeded gmake publish.

유현상 10/04/2013

Re: Yeah I succeeded gmake publish.

Mike Sullivan 10/04/2013
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