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'is not tagged aslr'

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  • Subject: 'is not tagged aslr'
  • Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 21:33:17 +0900 (KST)
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Thanks to Norm jacobs
I solved it by your opinion ( CANONICAL_REPO=... )
But I got other errors. 
ERROR userland.action001.5        
 is not tagged for aslr
ERROR userland.action001.5        
 is not tagged for aslr
ERROR userland.action001.5        
 is not tagged for aslr
so I inputed as follows: 'ASLR_MODE=$(ASLR_ENABLE)' in Makefile both 
/userland and /&lt;project folder&gt;.
but Errors is still displayed.
have you any idea ?
Thank you:D
Computer Engineering, Chungnam National University Grade 4. 

Yoo-hyun sang.

'is not tagged aslr'

유현상 10/03/2013

Re: 'is not tagged aslr'

Mike Sullivan 10/03/2013

Message not available

Yeah I succeeded gmake publish.

유현상 10/04/2013

Re: Yeah I succeeded gmake publish.

Mike Sullivan 10/04/2013
Please Confirm