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Re: what is 'gmake publish'

  • From: Mike Sullivan < >
  • To: 유현상 < >,
  • Subject: Re: what is 'gmake publish'
  • Date: Tue, 08 Oct 2013 11:10:40 -0700

On 10/08/13 06:01, 유현상 wrote:


I have inputted 'gmake publish' command after several courses as follows:

The build system, recipies, patches, packaging information, etc. can be found in the Userland Source Repository <>. To work with this repository, you should use 'hg clone <> userland-gate' (or similiar) to get a working copy.

'Do the hg clone, then cd to path <userland-gate>

export BUILD_TOOLS=<path of sunstudio installation>

gmake setup

cd components/openscap
gmake install (to build & install the binaries)
gmake publish (to publish the binaries to be able to do pkg install/update).'

Even if I have finished courses(gmake publish) without errors, I couldn't use command.

no, because that only builds the package. you have to install it first before the binaries
will appear in /usr/bin or wherever they go.

if you just want to find and run them without installing them, they should be somewhere
under the build/prototype directory, though they might or might not work when
run out of there. I'd guess they might not since I see at least one library there.

So I think that I have not understand for 'gmake publish'.

what is 'gmake publish'

publish builds the thing, and publishes the package to your repo in
your workspace. which is:

WS_REPO =    $(WS_TOP)/$(MACH)/repo

you can then use 'pkg install' to install the package from there.
something like

pkg set-publisher -p (pathtothatrepo)
pkg install openscap

I think (though you should probably read the pkg docs since I don't know if that is the right syntax
for the release you're running. there might be more needed if your solaris repo already includes
openscap (but that depends on what you're running. if it's still S11 then openscap
shouldn't be there yet).


could you please explain to me ? Of course I have searched it in google, but I couldn't understand surely.

Also, If you explain me what went wrong in the courses, how to solve that. I'm really appreciate to you.

Thank you.

Computer Engineering, Chungnam National University Grade 4.

Yoo-hyun sang.

Re: what is 'gmake publish'

Mike Sullivan 10/08/2013
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