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Last updated February 28, 2013 19:14, by Norm Jacobs
= Solaris Userland = Welcome to the Solaris Userland project on This project incorporates open source software in Solaris using a gmake(1) based build system to drive building various open source software components. See the left nav for pointers to source repositories and mailing lists. * The build system, recipies, patches, packaging information, etc. can be found in the [ Userland Source Repository]. To work with this repository, you should use 'hg clone userland-gate' (or similiar) to get a working copy. * Copies of the community source archives that we build can be found in the [ Source Archive Repository]. The source archives in this repository can be accessed through your web browser. * Old email on mail is archived at [] [[image:oraclesolaris.jpg]]
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