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summary: 15705382 SUNBT7031289 Update ntp to 4.2.7 16756358 Enable ASLR for NTP
revision: 2001
author: Brian Utterback
date: 2013-08-16 13:35:08 UTC (3 years)
message: 15705382 SUNBT7031289 Update ntp to 4.2.7
16756358 Enable ASLR for NTP
14932716 SUNBT4031742 /etc/inet/ntp.client should include broadcastclient
15722546 SUNBT7055402 ipmp cause reachability issues for ntp4 daemon
15727250 SUNBT7064417 ntpd errors on some new system
15751447 SUNBT7106031 Solaris 11 restrict noserve doesn't work right
15785388 SUNBT7161189 ntpd starts on S 11 in a forked status with error "ntpd indicates n
15813516 SUNBT7195495 ntpd crashed with SIGFPE (Arithmetic Exception)
16090481 ntp version 4 daemon crashes in isc_interfaceiter_first()
16741686 "ntpd" v4.2.5 cannot accept/query interface names longer than 15 characters.
16978017 ntpd debug in Solaris 11.1does not write any output
17000189 NTP needs to increase its file descriptor limit.
17000601 ntpd should log a message when it exits abnormally.
Change Path Actions
M components/ntp/Makefile
M components/ntp/Solaris/ntp.client
M components/ntp/ntp.p5m
A components/ntp/patches/10-etcfix.patch
A components/ntp/patches/30-mode7.patch
A components/ntp/patches/40-ntpwait.patch
A components/ntp/patches/50-noserve.patch
A components/ntp/patches/60-exit-message.patch
R components/ntp/patches/etcfix.patch
R components/ntp/patches/ins-ntp-wait.patch
R components/ntp/patches/ins-ntpd.patch
R components/ntp/patches/mc.patch
R components/ntp/patches/mdns.patch
R components/ntp/patches/noextra.patch
R components/ntp/patches/ntpdate-status.patch
R components/ntp/patches/ntpwait.patch
R components/ntp/patches/timing.patch
M components/ntp/resolve.deps
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