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[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s11-update-clone:1387] 16882166 X packages should remove restart_fmri=svc:/system/rbac:default f

x-hg 02/01/2014

[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s12-clone:1435] Added tag s12_41 for changeset 1261f053db6a

x-hg 02/01/2014

[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s11-update-clone:1388] Added tag s11u2_33 for changeset 4873bec46c30

x-hg 02/06/2014

[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s11-update-clone:1389] 18205481 use parfait 1.3 for building the x consolidation

x-hg 02/10/2014

[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s12-clone:1436] Added tag s12_42 for changeset 090370f13484

x-hg 02/12/2014

[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s12-clone:1437] 18241851 X builds should enable build & delivery of docs in asciidoc form

x-hg 02/15/2014

[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s11-update-clone:1390] Added tag s11u2_34 for changeset 39de14169e78

x-hg 02/19/2014

[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s12-clone:1438] 17907916 typing while X resets on attached or rkvm console leads to hard

x-hg 02/26/2014

[xwin-commits] [solaris-x11~x-s12-clone:1439] Added tag s12_43 for changeset 61c7ae951f9e

x-hg 02/26/2014
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