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Last updated March 12, 2013 01:07, by Alan Coopersmith

Solaris X Consolidation Open Source Release

All of the code currently used to build the Solaris X Consolidation is released in source form on this site. (Several packages from Nvidia are currently delivered via a separate consolidation, and are not included here.)

Source Repository

The sources to the Solaris X Consolidation are currently published in read only Mercurial repositories on Details on how to clone and build this source are available on the build instructions page.


Sources for these components and packages have been released:

Component SVR4 Packages Licenses
X Window System from X.Org, including server, drivers, libraries, and programs manyMIT/X11, others
Xtsol extension for Solaris Trusted Extensions SUNWxorg-tsol-module MIT/X11
Mesa SUNWxorg-mesa SGI Free B, MIT/X11, others
fontconfig SUNWfontconfig SUNWfontconfig-docs SUNWfontconfig-root MIT/X11
freetype SUNWfreetype2 FreeType License
VNC SUNWxvnc SUNWvncviewer GNU General Public License, version 2
XsunSUNWxsun-server SUNWxsun-headers SUNWxwts MIT/X11, others

The xscreensaver sources were included up through Nevada build 121, but those have now been moved to the Solaris Desktop consolidation.

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