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Solaris X Consolidation Open Source Release

All of the code currently used to build the Solaris X Consolidation is released in source form on this site. (Several packages from Nvidia are currently delivered via a separate consolidation, and are not included here.)

Source Repository

The sources to the Solaris X Consolidation are currently published in a read only Mercurial repository on Details on how to clone and build this source are available on the build instructions page.


Sources for these components and packages have been released:

Component SVR4 Packages Licenses
X Window System from X.Org, including server, drivers, libraries, and programs manyMIT/X11, others
Xtsol extension for Solaris Trusted Extensions SUNWxorg-tsol-module MIT/X11
Mesa SUNWxorg-mesa SGI Free B, MIT/X11, others
fontconfig SUNWfontconfig SUNWfontconfig-docs SUNWfontconfig-root MIT/X11
freetype SUNWfreetype2 FreeType License
VNC SUNWxvnc SUNWvncviewer GNU General Public License, version 2

The xscreensaver sources were included up through Nevada build 121, but those have now been moved to the Solaris Desktop consolidation.

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