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summary: 6963229 build race conditions and other makefile issues
revision: 967
author: Alan Coopersmith
date: 2010-06-22 20:56:05 UTC (6 years)
message: 6963229 build race conditions and other makefile issues
Change Path Actions
M open-src/Makefile
M open-src/app/Makefile
M open-src/app/
M open-src/app/xdm/Makefile
M open-src/common/
M open-src/common/Makefile.init
M open-src/common/Makefile.subdirs
M open-src/data/Makefile
M open-src/data/
M open-src/doc/Makefile
M open-src/doc/
M open-src/driver/Makefile
M open-src/driver/
M open-src/font/Makefile
M open-src/font/Makefile.bdf
M open-src/font/
M open-src/font/Makefile.ttf
M open-src/lib/DPS/sun-src/Makefile
M open-src/lib/Makefile
M open-src/lib/
M open-src/lib/fontconfig/Makefile
M open-src/lib/freetype/Makefile
M open-src/lib/libpciaccess/Makefile
M open-src/lib/mesa/Makefile
M open-src/proto/Makefile
M open-src/proto/
M open-src/util/Makefile
M open-src/util/
M open-src/util/build-tools/xmake
M open-src/xserver/Makefile
M open-src/xserver/
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