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Idle block size for VHD

  • From: Rushikesh Jadhav < >
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  • Subject: Idle block size for VHD
  • Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 01:02:50 +0530

Hello everyone,

Although the list seems quite I would like take out few questions from my head.

I'm trying to use a ZFS box for a cloud environment & want to decide on the block size for a dataset which will be exported via NFS server.

The clients are linux based Xen and KVM hosts and there are going to be many VHDs. These VHDs would be used by the respective guest OS at 4KB block size & the data access pattern is going to be very random.

I know ZFS uses 128KB & a variable block length so 128KB is the best option ?

There are very less chances of sequential data read and write.
Is it good to disable prefetch for such scenarios ?

What is your experience for few hundred guests ?

Idle block size for VHD

Rushikesh Jadhav 06/21/2013

Re: Idle block size for VHD

Ian Collins 06/24/2013
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