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[sj-campinas] Fwd: Nashorn videos!

  • From: Cesar Augusto Nogueira <cesarnogueira1210@...>
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  • Subject: [sj-campinas] Fwd: Nashorn videos!
  • Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 13:09:20 -0300

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From: Mani Sarkar <sadhak001@...>
Date: 2013/4/12
Subject: Nashorn videos!
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Hi all,

I have come across a couple of videos one where Attila Szegedi is interviewed at DevoxxUK 2013

and another where he is presenting the topic "Putting the Metaobject Protocol to Work: Nashorn's Java Bindings":


Twitter: @theNeomatrix369
JUG activity: LJC Advocate (@adoptopenjdk & @adoptajsr programs)
Devoxx UK 2013 was a grand success:
Don't chase success, rather aim for "Excellence", and success will come chasing after you!

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[sj-campinas] Fwd: Nashorn videos!

Cesar Augusto Nogueira 04/12/2013
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